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Tonight: #TWSTaste FW Autumn oddities [Thursday 10th October 8-9pm]



It does not seem that acidic to me compared with some other whites. Has an unusual taste and after taste and not much sweetness


Its basically IPA poured over tart cooking apples. Very zingy with a slight spritz, lemon rind on the finish


The fruit is almost stewed and the yeastiness lingers


Almost like a grapefruit juice that’s got some pith in it too… Sharp, clean, not very long.


I decanted ours and there was some sediments and a slight spritz. I had stood the bottle up for a couple of days as recommended


Not saying thats a bad thing…


Or fermented even…:wink::smile:


We are getting used to it now. If it is evolving it might be good to try again in a few months!


Bullseye! Think this is such a great description!


I am finding it acidic but flat at the same time. Opinions are divided here - it is growing on some but not others


Dry, high acid — quite tart for 100% MLF. Very textured & a bit drying. Lemon juice, grapefruit bitterness, but with some aromatic peaches & tangerines underneath, floral, spice — cinnamon, ginger. Saline. fairly long.

The second glass smells & tastes completely different…


The acidity and freshness is really working with pizza!!


Mrs CC: should have had some with our pizza earlier.


We cheated and had some of the red with our pizza


Good aperitif wine on a hot day, perhaps? Drink with a watercress and grapefruit salad??


Definitely. The winemaker Sergio doesn’t mess around when describing his wines - a quality I admire very much (his assessment of how his 2018s have improved on his 2017s skipped the miracle vintage bit and focused more on how he ‘messed far less stuff up’, for example); and I got the sense he was genuinely quite excited to see where this wine goes


Great shout! Speaking of which - anyone else feel like suggesting a food match for this? It’s not bad with mac and cheese either…


Great to hear, I would love to taste this again in say 6 months and see what its like then.


I went all fancy with artichoke pizza and it’s a great combination


YES! This sounds perfect.