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Tonight: #TWSTaste FW Autumn oddities [Thursday 10th October 8-9pm]



Ooooh, I see what you mean! Quite a sweet herbiness!

This is quite a good example of this, I think. The last time I smelled a white as funky as this was Musar white - nail varnish remover and five-spice!


I always seem to lack the vocabulary for white wine tasting. But yes to a touch of herb and a touch of peach, maybe.




Pale lemon. Quite pronounced: orange & lemon sherbet , hay & yellow flowers, even lavender?! saline, herbal - yes @Leah I got thyme too! — peachy, pear, apple, & a little smokey.

Bonkers array of aromas there!


It’s changing so much in the glass that I have to keep hitting backspace. Started off with very appley and slightly sickly fruit but has now taken on a really spicy dimension - I think sage is a great shout. As is IPA - most of the time we call a Marmite wine that because it’s a love-or-hate, but this one has an actual brewer’s yeast note :exploding_head:


I think maybe we should taste this quirky number?! Let’s see what you think…


Getting hint of burnt something now.


Ok we admit to already having tasted! Cannot control the rellies! And a Dewlays reserve Lancashire crumbly is going very well. Jury is out on the wine, more later


I had this wine when we first got it in stock and really didn’t take to it - we showed it at our June press tasting, I think. It has mellowed and I’m quite enjoying it.


crikey - that’s like sucking on lemon rind


Don’t hold back! This is a room-splitter by the winemaker’s own admission :wink:


I think it’s the fresh hop flower smell that we’re getting.
Very unusual, that’s for sure!


Its a world away from what I remember. Initially found it quite harsh and haphazard




We aren’t sure. First sips fine - now feeling a bit acidic - one glass might be enough


Mrs CC: wasn’t sure about the initial slurp, but it’s growing. Similar to he aroma for me: citrus then floral notes. Leaves a taste I can’t quite describe though.


I was expecting something seriously dry but I’m not finding it particularly dry at all.


This has reminded me to mention - I spoke to our buyer @Freddy today about this wine and he said it’s strange how much it’s changed. He chatted about this wine to the winemaker and he was saying that it’s the kind of wine that evolves so much it’s different every time you taste it. Every time you open a bottle you’re never sure what it will have morphed into this time. I rather like that!


Definitely. This is the third time I’ve tried it and it seems to be rounding out and getting better each time. First time I tried it I admired but didn’t necessarily like it. Second time I thought it had put on weight and tasted more like elderflower cordial. Someone seems to have added some curry powder between then and tonight. What a bonkers wine


Fresh, bright, herbal…I like it but not everyone here agrees and faces looking very much like the baby!