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Tonight: #TWSTaste FW Autumn oddities [Thursday 10th October 8-9pm]



Hello, 6 in Stainton. Glasses loaded with the white and keen to get going


To anyone who has tried either/both of the other Bin Series wines - while we have 3mins to ourselves I’d also be curious to know how it compares in your opinion


Hello @JayKay!! Great that you can join us - six of you?! Have you/are you eating? :smiley:

Who else is here and ready to taste some Fine Wine Trade Secrets?

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Had both. Loved the Zweigelt in particular, both good value. Felt that this was more impressive in that it gave that bit more unexpected bang for its buck!


Of the 3 I think this is my fav. Big on flavour, very well balanced, brilliant VFM


It’s in second place to the zweigelt for me byt GOLLY I liked it.


phew! just made it in with a spot of impromptu road-mending and some standard horizontal rain … now set up with hastily decanted red and a pizza on the go


Thanks to those helping with my Bin Series straw poll! I think this is a narrow 2nd behind the Bobal for me personally. Really glad to hear you like it


I’m with Mr JayKay, my mam, my aunt and uncle and my mam’s best friend in a village near Penrith. We have eaten but have cheese and nibbles ready


Yeah, we’ve got a bit of that going on north of Inverness right now!


Welcome, all! I am so pleased you could make it. :smiley: Let’s start with The Mixup - I hope you’ve had a chance to read Ewan’s tasting notes above - let’s have a good old sniff. What are your first thoughts?


I meant to save some dinner for these wines but I forgot…


Burnt oil


I was supposed to be catering for a group of intrepid canoeists … but they turned out not to be that intrepid so I’ve just got TWSTaste and Radio 4 keeping me company!




Wow… some party…


I first tasted this blind a few months ago and thought it was cider…


YES! Kind of petrolly.

Also maybe some nettles and mint leaf…?!


Peach, passionfruit


Slovakia v Wales on for me