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Tonight: #TWSTaste FW Autumn oddities [Thursday 10th October 8-9pm]



Let’s end on a quick vote to see which wine stood out most to you and your tasting groups! Thanks so much for joining us - we’ve overrun because we were having too much fun but it’s been a blast.

  • Mixup = marvellous
  • Ksara = Kstupendous

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It’s a 3 all draw here in Stainton! Can I vote for both on behalf of us all?


Only manners, I’d say!


Yes should add that we had a split vote here: 2-1 to the Ksara with one abstention!


Great fun and some really interesting choices. Thanks Laura!


Yes - I completely agree. I really enjoy these tastings, and this one has been quite special


What fun that was, as ever! I always learn such a great deal from these, whether it’s food matching, cabernet tips, copy feedback, members’ Bin Series preferences, the dire need for me to up my tea descriptor game or which wine to give to IPA loving friends. I’m so grateful you all took the time to join in and am thoroughly looking forward to next time :slight_smile: And I didn’t burn the house down with my multitasking - bonus. Goodnight all!


Hear hear — another great evening!


Damn the Ksara’s sold out!


You’re more than welcome - thank YOU for joining us!

And thanks all of you - it’s been a really marvellous evening. We’re returning for the next #twstaste on 7th November - more details very soon! Hope you can join us. :smiley:






Fascinating; as a Bordeaux fan and not much of a new world drinker I’m not sure I’ve had a Cab Sauv varietal before. But, whilst interesting, I think I prefer the Bdx blends!


I noticed that earlier today! Figured it must have been a bit of a close thing for this tasting!


Thanks…and goodbye!


I know what you mean - the bones need flesh and vice versa - but I’m really enjoying this … it’s showing itself well as a soloist here.



Sorry we missed the start of the tasting! We kind of had a quick sniff of the white and knocked it back whilst catching up on posts … probably didn’t do it justice, but I was always here for the Ksara to be honest, and it’s delivered :wine_glass:


Oh man! My grandfather used to weep and weep to this song… And now I do too! :sob:


Good to read, and all of this while the Holland vs Northern Ireland match was on, which was boring until the last 20 minutes.:grin: