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Tonight: #TWSTaste FW Autumn oddities [Thursday 10th October 8-9pm]



We are having it with Barbers 1883 Vintage Reserve Cheddar - it works well - but to be fair, this cheese works with most wines (and improves many)…


I think this is such a romantic wine :star_struck:


It’s going quite well with some cheddar. Do think it needs food and I reckon it’ll be better tomorrow.


Just cut a slice from our cheese brick (I love costco). Goes well with a farmhouse cheddar!


8.5 for me


the tannins are still a bit harsh for me so it’s a 6


Head of Copyediting here is on the proverbial case :sunglasses: - I’ll try and clarify in the morning, thanks for spotting!



A 9 and a 9.5 from us.


6, 7.5, 8, 7


It’s a strong 8 here in the wild west.


Blackcurrant coming through now. Delicious.


Gets an 8 but that could push to a 9 if properly decanted


This reminds me of the first time I had a cab sav (a long, long time ago) and was blown away that wine could taste like this.


Average of 7, ranging from 5 (too tannic) to 8 from JayKay senior and junior.


A bit split here. I’m only giving it a 7. But don’t get me wrong I do like it but I think I prefer their Ch Kasara rouge. Their first wine?


How wonderful! I love wine moments like this. So pleased this has brought back memories - it’s exactly why this is such a wow-factor wine for me.

For me, it’s going to have to be…

But then, I am biased!


Getting a bit of rubber tyre now.


7.5 from me - needs more time, but will only improve.


From @Sally 's smashed car? :joy: