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Tonight: #TWSTaste FW Autumn oddities [Thursday 10th October 8-9pm]



Absolutely agree. I found the nose a bit subdued. Don’t think I could level the same description at the palate.


Would like to introduce my family who are community tasting virgins and loving it


You’re welcome :wink:


Big warm welcome to the @JayKay family!


What a happy photo!!! :heart: Hello everyone! Hope to see you next time too! :smiley:

Seeing as you guys all aced the Mixup food matches - what would you say is a dream dinner for this wine?


It’s Lebanese, it’s classic, dramatic, loved by all …

It has to be a match for:


Just a note to the TWS copyeditor types: the descriptions at top says: “from selected grapes from the best plots” whilst the TWS notes say “from a single vineyard in the Bekaa Valley”.

Just sayin’


A shout for cheese. Chocolate too. Another shout for no food at all, just a log fire!


Mrs CC: food - well my initial reaction (apart from the pizza earlier) would be beef wellington, but I think it could standup well to my best beef chilli recipe ever from the Sunday Times many years ago which is ace.


Yep - this doesn’t need food,


+1 for beef Wellington!!


I’m currently eating with some continental hard cheeses - Comte, Abondance and Karltbach and working very well!


I had an argument with the landscape last week … so arrival (and decanting) was somewhat delayed


Mrs CC: not bad with strong Welsh cheddar and vintage gouda


Definitely NOT curry :joy:
I think this is a very elegant and grown up wine. Something like a Persian roast lamb or I don’t know if anyone has ever tasted Azeri food or Georgian food, but that theme of vine stuffed, tapenade olive led cuisine. Not quite Mediterranean but almost if that makes sense.


Mrs JayKay senior suggests beef in red wine and rice. We are currently enjoying it with Dewlays Special Reserve Tasty Lancashire and it is a great match for the tannins.




Easy on there, I don’t do elegant and grown up! Particularly not the latter! :rofl:


the things I go through for a wine tasting!


:scream::scream::scream: Gosh, hope everything is alright!!!

Looooove the sound of this. And Beef Wellington, @Croquetchris. But I’m going to enjoy a second glass on its own in front of the TV! :smiley:

Marks out of 10, anyone?