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Tonight: #TWSTaste FW Autumn oddities [Thursday 10th October 8-9pm]



Wow on the palate it’s an instant fruity slap in the face. Nothing like the aromas!


the first sip seems to have a bit of toffee


Is your surname Dawkins😉


Lovely on the palate too … with squidgy tannins, and a warm fuzzy finish.

Could have a tweak more acidity if I’m being fussy.


First thoughts: intense fruit followed by strong tannins but with a very nice balanced finish. Loads going on so still working on it…


It went well with our pizza earlier. Nice and smooth and a richness to it


Mrs CC: should say our pizza was a cured meats pizza from M&S


Definitely getting @Leah’s ‘smelly manure filled Irish fields’, some mint and @Herbster’s dusty aroma.


Yes, toffee!!


This is one of those reds that paints your tongue purple, isn’t it.


…and teeth!


Does it have a bit of a gluey after taste?


This is lovely. Loads of schooldesk pencil-shaving claret fust combined with lashings of flamboyant Mediterranean fruit - just wish I’d decanted it a bit earlier than I did as the tannins are still a bit


Wow, lots going on… first off… dry dusty tannins in a cab sav kind of way, still getting the menthol but with some sweet caramel which is in fact making my tongue tingle…:smile:
There are plums and black currants but also dark high cocoa chocolate, cigar stubs and all I can picture in my mind is a smoking jacket and a chesterfield :roll_eyes:


Oooh the palate is MUCH more open than the nose! Juicy blackcurrant and plum, smoky, little hint of violet. Tannins are sweet and grippy enough


We’ve only just opened it!


Yes very glad I opened this a few hours back. Think it would have been a bit in my face otherwise. The tannins still very much there but a little more gentle.


Excellent gif! :joy: It’s actually not too tannin-heavy for me but maybe because I’m sipping alongside macaroni cheese?! It’s weird - it works really well at first and the wine drowns everything else out. Needs something mushroomy or meaty…


Still sniffing - wet cardboard now? Great fruit explosion initially on tasting then getting the drying tannins. Vanilla, plum skins, even damson.


Mid inky ruby pushing garnet. Really pronounced: sweet vanilla, dark cherries in kirsch, blackcurrant, dark plum, a little new leather, and a touch of fresh earth, something a little stoney - petrichor or graphite, gently smokey. Menthol hints, leafy.

Dry, high acid, pretty tanninc - ripe but still plenty of grip. Sour dark cherries, tart blackcurrant, bramble, plum - juicy but also smokey, earthy, coffee, charred. Fairly long.

Feels quite youthful still — perhaps it needed a long decant!