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Tonight I'm eating/drinking...?



If you’re anything like me, you spend most of the day dreaming about what you’ll be having for dinner that evening. :heart_eyes:

I adore hearing about what other people are planning - especially when there’s an inspired wine match I can try for myself - so I thought I’d start a thread we can all regularly add to giving your food and wine matching intentions for the evening ahead. :yum:

For instance, last night I had a simple stir-fry with chicken, edamame beans, crisp mangetout, fresh brocolli and a rainbow of peppers, all tossed together with soy and ginger and served with rice. It was so fresh and utterly delicious with a glass of this viognier:

The wine’s bright aromas matched the dish perfectly, and its fresh but firm texture really stood up to the punchy flavours and cut through the crunchy vegetables without overpowering them. It was absolutely delish.

I’m having this fruity lamb tagine next week and am wondering what to serve with it - any suggestions?

And what food and wine matches are you looking forward to enjoying this week?

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We had friends over last night and had a lamb tagine, we served a La RIojs Alta 904 2005 vintage. It was off the planet, the smell as soon as I started to decant gave me goose bumps.Dark cherrys, smokey meats and just a small hint of vanilla.


I’m travelling in Canada, so without access to my favourite wine retailer at the moment ( :wink: ) but we had local salmon baked with butter for dinner, with a bottle of a delicious Ch Ste Michelle Riesling from Washington State



@robert_mcintosh Oh yum! I love matching a very nice wine with a simple dish, I think it allows both to sing! :slight_smile: I might try that combo next week. Sadly we don’t stock nearly enough Washington wines in the UK yet so I hope you’re making the most of it and trying loads while you’re over in Canada?

@Fraserbear Ah of course, a Rioja! That does sound like an ideal match. Not sure I can stretch to the 2005 though. :wink: But I’ll see what we’ve got! The flavours in the one you had sound amazing.

Last night was a strange but pleasing match. I whipped up a simple seafood stew with prawns and squid in a rich sauce of tomatoes, paprika, garlic and chilli. I was slightly stumped about what to serve it with so I asked my other half (who also works in wine, so I bow to his better judgement…) and he suggested a Touraine sauvignon we’d had knocking about for a couple of months:

I wasn’t sure, but it was absolutely gorgeous. Punchy enough to stand up to the chilli, and like a squeeze of lemon on the fish, and with enough about it not to be swamped by the rich tomatoes. It also did nicely up against the garlic bread we dunked in the leftover sauce. We’ve got the other half of the bottle to enjoy as an aperitif tonight. :grinning:

Any delicious weekend food and wine plans?


I’m drinking a Vina Mayor Ribera Del Duero (barrel aged) 2015 that I thought I picked up from TWS, via a discovery case, but I can’t seem to find it in on the site.


So, last night I did the lamb tagine I mentioned last week -and ended up with a surprising wine match!

I had a bottle of Rioja handy after @Fraserbear’s excellent advice - but my guest turned up with a bottle of red and was keen to open it! It was a California merlot - and it was surprisingly perfect! The tagine was very fruity (pomegranate seeds, dried apricots) and richly sweet, and the super-fruity, smooth merlot lifted those flavours deliciously. The dish had lots of ras-el-hanout in but it was more of a gentle spicy warmth and flavour than anything hot, and the soft spice of the merlot was just enough.

I love a surprise food match! What have you all got planned for this week? Any advice for smoky pork tacos and halloumi fries? That’s what I’m attempting tomorrow…


Ha… I have this in my fridge…


I decided to resurrect this topic because I could do with some dinner and wine inspiration now the colder weather has set in… help!

Last weekend, we had our usual family dinner-and-Strictly fun (a wild Saturday night, I know…) and my mother-in-law made us this lovely haddock and leek risotto:

It was a smoky, creamy, sweet and peppery delight (yet another BBC Good Food recipe…) and we had it with a Macon-Villages she happened to have in the fridge - a Majestic one as it happens. The wine choice hadn’t been a conscious one but went so delightfully with the food - the citrus flavour was like a squeeze of lemon over it, and the slightly creamy character was lovely with the texture of the dish. An unplanned but triumphant food and wine match.

Any other autumnal food and wine wins, everyone?


Last Sunday we had family over for a fairly impromptu Sunday lunch, so headed down to the butcher and picked up a couple of ribs of beef and opened a Clos Rene 2007 to accompany. Decanted a couple of hours before and drinking beautifully right now, and an excellent compliment to the beef - a fairly classic autumnal pairing, so not exactly a new discovery, but certainly didn’t disappoint!

Still have a couple of bottles left of the 2007 Clos Rene, and notice that the society are currently selling the 2011 from Moulinet Lasserre, the sister property, and if it’s anything like this I would certainly recommend at the price, although would suggest the 2011 would likely benefit from a few more years in the bottle.