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Tonic Tuesday


This is your Tuesday drinking thread. I only started it as I stumbled upon a variety I have not tried before. It is Vernaccia di San Grimignano. The picturesque little town of Assassin’s Creed fame if anyone here can relate… Delicious full flavoured white I could keep on ordering, in a little wine bistro in The Hague, waiting for my octopus main to match. Cheers. Are you drinking amsonething exciting today?


After an hour fighting couch grass and bindweed in the garden - life can be cruel sometimes - I am now drinking a first ever cotes du rhone spritzer. It’s slightly strange, the CDR is really too strong a flavour for a spritzer I think, but it’s helping me recover from the gardening and is pleasant enough for watching football!


Sometimes you just need that soda water… can completely understand. #beentheredonethat


This raises my expectations for the 2013 Barolos currently in my cellar. I also learnt that they are happy to keep the undrank portion of my bottle till tomorrow.


A glass or two of Fleurie this evening whilst cheering on Nigeria…



Come on Nigeria indeed! For us a glass of this veneto red (mentioned more than once on here)

Seems like really good value at £6.50. Juicy cherry fruit, medium bodied, another great (early-) mid-week wine.


Just got back from the pub - great food, but mediocre wine. Had Spanish rosé from Navarra as an aperitif, followed by a Malbec to go with a delicious flank steak. The Malbec was the better wine, and had a nice spicy nose, with damson and blueberries. On the palate it had dark fruit with a bit of dark chocolate bitterness on the finish. Can’t recall the name, but it doesn’t really matter. It wasn’t a wine to write home about, but it worked well with the steak.
Finishing the evening with a small glass of Patxarana… And hubby played me this on YouTube, which made me giggle:

Happy Tuesday, all! :grin::wine_glass:


Been singing with a scratch choir tonight. Great fun. Slurping more Duo Des Plages and pretending we are in Provence

@szaki1974, this was in a lovely restaurant on the walls of said San Gimignano with a red from the same maker. Fabulous place, and really reasonable. Some of the worlds best ice cream in town too.


That looks more like a nasal scratch @DrEm :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I tried an RHS Orion/Phoenix blend English white from their vineyard at Wisley. Not great in my view - quite tart and flat. Lovely place though.


I’m finishing the final glass of this tonight,

My friend and neighbour came round with his girls to sing happy Birthday to my 3 year old yesterday so I poured the last carafe plus one glass out of it and sent him home with the carafe to his wife who had been at work. Having the final glass right now and thinking I should absolutely buy another box! It’s been great, even though I didn’t manage to get to drink very much of it :sweat_smile:


Talisker and a drop of water.


I won’t tell him if you don’t :wink:


Vernaccia is another of those Italian whites with a natural spritz, a la Verdicchio, you at one time could get half decent versions of it, but it along with many other Italian whites has largely fallen by the wayside, which is a shame as the better versions are a cut above many of the other Italian whites.
San Gimignano is a classic Italian town to visit, amazing skyline, but with so many of these places choosing when to visit is the trick as the place becomes packed with tourists, out of season the place can be enjoyed .