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Tonic Tuesday [19 June]


Yes, I know it’s not even 8.30am, but I’ll be out on yet another ‘team development’ day, and so the wine at the end of the tunnel seems rather alluring!.. :blush:
So, anyone drinking anything nice this evening (or lunchtime, @szaki1974?!)?

We’ll be opening a bottle of a Pic Saint Loup 2014, which has been lurking in the house for some time now. Someone gave it to my other half as a thank you gift, so no idea what to expect. It’s this Sainsbury’s one:
We’ll be having it with a rabbit and chickpeas stew.
Over to you… :clinking_glasses:


The second half of one of these:

Drinking really well now, but still incredibly young. Taut acidity - much more so than the 2005 I had last year, which was mellow, honeyed and at (or maybe even slightly past) its peak.

I see what everyone else means by conservative drinking windows though. No way the 09 needs to be finished up by 2020. With the acidity and fruit this has, I think it would cope quite well with a bite of spice. But any suggestions for a “smart sauce” to pair it with?


My weekend was kind of heavy so I don’t think there will be any consumption here until Thirsty Thursday :relaxed:


You could sauté the meat in the classic way, then adding some of the wine to finish the cooking in the classic way, or alternatively use it just to deglaze the pan. If you want to add a bit of spice, it may be better to lightly coat the meat before sauteing as it would then get cooked through subsequently. Just an immediate thought. I would avoid to much creamy richness with a young-tasting dry Vouvray, though it may surprise.

(oh - PS - with a name like that, are you a champagne lover by any chance?)


That’s not a bad strategy, mind you!
After this evening’s drink, we’ll have to wait until Soused Saturday for our next instalment. Still, keeps the liver functioning OK :wink:


Champagne guzzler more like. But yes, Taittinger’'s Comtes '86 (tasted in 2002) was one of my epiphanies…


The Pic St Loup was very nice indeed! Not over complex, but it did have a very enticing nose of blackberry jam, floral notes of violets and some black pepper. It was a bit closed at first (despite decanting), but as the evening progressed it opened up, and had lovely brambly flavours, a bit of liquorice too, and a pleasant spicy finish. Worked well with the rabbit and chickpea stew.
No drink now until Saturday…:worried: