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Tokyo Olympics - 2020(1)

I’ve just seen the opening ceremony is being broadcast at midday our time tomorrow - I usually love watching it but it’s going to be pretty surreal with barely any spectators present in the stadium!

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Looking forward to the new sports of skateboarding (Go Sky for GB!) and climbing. Also watching the water polo - shame our GB WP team gets no funding compared to swimming and diving. GB Policy of ‘Funding for medals’ is a Catch 22 situation for minor sports
@Optombenno that must have been a great experience! Hope to see you at next week’s tasting!



Super Saturday was our wedding day. We’re huge sports fans and scoured the calendar for any potential clashes before setting a date. Forgot to check the Olympics though :rofl:


Hungary got a gold today, in fencing (sabre?), 3rd consecutive Olympic gold for the guy, which makes him a fencing legend. Watched a bit of road cycling, too. It looks like Mr. Carapaz is a decent cyclist after all despite the recent ill talk of him and his team. Watched some handball, too (not the beach variety). Japanese handball is a bit like GB handball… you cannot help wonder if the host nation really needs a free pass in all sports. You cannot fault them for the lack of effort.


I’m completely obsessed with the swimming at the moment …! It’s great :star_struck:

And the Rugby 7’s, was a profound disappointment!! :open_mouth: :sob: :dragon:

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The sadness is the almost total lack of spectators. Sportsmen/women are performers and raise their games before a crowd. It all feels so hollow albeit we are having some successes and it beats daytime tele hands down!


My kids have loved watching sports they had no idea about.


There was this Hungarian guy who won 200m butterfly gold. He looked really glum afterwards…

Maybe this article explains:

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That hasn’t aged well… :wink:


Haha, yeah, I felt like editing the post to remove all evidence of that prediction !


The worst thing about the Olympics is the timings… I have stayed up far later than I should the last few nights :see_no_evil:


We’ve got the whole thing recording and catch up throughout the day as a backdrop to work. Would be even better to watch live but sleep wins out!!

Also struggling with Olympic time, usually waking up in the middle of the night in front of some event or other and then deciding to go to bed. Most of it is excellent but there are too many events now. Sports like golf, tennis, football have big enough competitions of their own. Others like baseball - well, who honestly cares?

But we have to cater for every potential tv market I suppose. Bring on the camel dressage!

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The Japanese, for one! :slight_smile:

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Yes, the Japanese and the Americans and maybe a few others, but it’s not a sport with great global coverage.


Actually it seems there are 6 teams in the baseball and it will not be there in 2024. I won’t name any other sports to try to avoid offence, but I do think there are a few which would not be missed much.

I have really enjoyed the BMX racing - close, exciting races. Reminded me of ski cross from the Winter Olympics in terms of enjoyment.


Karate - first time Olympic sport - yet I cannot find any videos (leastways, not behind a paywall). PLENTY of rubbish youtube mash-ups of 2020 with lots of filler - but nothing else.

Any suggestions?