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Tokyo Olympics - 2020(1)

It looks like the Games have quietly started today, before the official opening. Just caught the end of the GB v Chile football match… off to a good start. I remember when I was a kid we watched most of the Olympic coverage (or any sports coverage from alpine skiing to athletics and rest of the alphabet, too) as there was not much interesting other stuff on TV. Will you be following?


Yep! We both enjoy a bit of Olympics here and it’s been a while.

Yes, I love the olympics, especially the diving.


fellow football fan then…


Absolutely :rofl:


No. I have no interest in the modern Olympics and very little interest in most sports. I fear the Olympic Committee has tarnished its reputation in recent years and question whether they should have gone ahead with these delayed games as early as they have done.

I would very much like to see an end to the bargaining, posturing, back-door deals etc to be a host city for the modern Olympics. I believe all Olympic games should be staged in Greece in perpetuity where sponsor nations could improve facilities year by year. As well as helping Greece economically this could be a far more sustainable and economic way of running the games and would stop stadia being left unused after games.

I’ll be following for sure!

I’m a very ignorant sports fan in general so I enjoy how after an hour or so of watching any Olympic sport and listening to the commentary I find myself confidently shouting at the screen ‘oh that was CLEARLY a foul!’ or ‘oh dear, they totally messed up their insert technique/manoevre there!’ like I have any idea what I’m talking about…

Sad we’ve got no Mo Farah or Usain Bolt this year but loads of new names to discover!


Yes, as much as I can. I’ve always followed the Olympics but since I met my (now) wife at the Olympic Stadium on Super Saturday at London 2012 I’ve been, if anything, even more hooked.


I feel the Olympics has been somewhat diluted by the inclusion of sports such as football, golf and tennis. These sports have their own major events throughout the year so for me don’t quite have the interest of seeing less well known or televised sports such as handball, weightlifting or gymnastics.

I look forward to watching the track cycling and athletics but for some reason I feel a bit meh about the swimming.


I do enjoy most of it but the continual focus on the Medal Table really does detract from the spectacle for me.

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Zoe Smith, Emily Campbell and Sarah Davies in the weightlifting!

I like people going round in circles fast too, so looking forward to the velodrome cycling and running. I also like choosing a sport I’ve never watched before and trying to work out what’s going on. I’m open to suggestions on this.

[Also have a secondary support for Team NZ weightlifting, as my coach is a Kiwi, and I’ve occasionally been lucky enough to train with Richie Patterson, who’s now head of Weightlifting NZ]

If it’s on while I’m in the office I’m sure we’ll have the rowing being broadcast too. We have several rowers including an ex-Olympic (3xGold) on staff.


I am looking forward to the sport climbing.

baseball perhaps :slight_smile:


I was considering both Baseball and Sport Climbing. I’ve seen a few baseball matches and never been sure what’s going on and never seen sports climbing ever.

Yep I’ll be watching, love the Olympics (both summer and winter). I think the climbing and skateboarding will be good additions!

I’m also in the camp of random events, rather than sports with established major tournaments. I know many of these sports already have them, but I don’t see much point in tennis or football.


The Olympic Committee, I have little time for.
And when the Spanish IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch (1980-2001) insisted that he be addressed with the title of “Excellency” and always take the Presidential Suite in hotels where he was visiting, on IOC business - I truly wanted to vomit!!

The Olympics is terrific for bringing minor sports to huge TV audiences, and with global sponsorship deals the hosting cities need not approach financial ruin; unless they are overly lavish with their infrastructure expenditure.

Compared to the days of IOC’s Avery Brundage (1952-1972) and FIFA’s Sepp Blatter, Sports Administration has in more recent years, moved apace - for the better.

I really like watching sport ( :wink: Who Knew!! :rofl:) and the Olympics, Summer & Winter brings such a diverse melange that most of us can find some sport to interest us.
On one hand, there are not that many countries that can put up a competitive “Dressage” or elite “Rowing” team, but we can all run or jump or play Footie!!
In amongst all of the events, there will be competitors who got to Tokyo against the odds, from the past exemplified by “Eddie the Eagle” or “Eric the Eel” or even most memorably the “Jamaican Bobsled Team!!” :wink: :rofl:
This time round, given Covid and the time difference; my level of interest is at an all time low. But I am sure that there will be performances to inspire us all!! :dragon:

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There’s a lot of sense in what you say here.
All too often the supposed “Olympic Legacy” swiftly becomes a financial burden on those cities that have hosted it.
I for one would like to see countries winning the right to hold the games so that several centres of excellence can be used throughout the country. IE if it were to be held in the UK, Manchester would host cycling, Sheffield the swimming, Wimbledon the tennis etc etc.


I was rather put off the IOC many years ago after reading The New Lords of the Rings by Andrew Jennings. Unfortunately with the amount of money involved and the lack of oversight back then meant Samaranch and his chums lined their pockets similar to FIFA a few years back.

I’m not overly convinced this still doesn’t happen but don’t let that take away the enjoyment of watching the performance of the athletes.

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As usual I’ll be dipping my toes into the coverage but the ban on spectators and the resultant lack of atmosphere means I’m less excited than in previous years.

Anyway, still looking forward to anything cycling related, the Women’s Road Race particularly ( will the Dutch team take all the medals ? )

Track and field, diving, gymnastics, hockey and indoor volleyball will be on the agenda too.

As for sports I’m less familiar with, but have enjoyed watching of late, weightlifting and sport climbing ( wow ! ) will also get a look in.

We’ll be watching it for sure. We were hoping to have tickets to pretty much any event that took our fancy due having family in Japan but needless to say, that fell by the wayside!

We were last in Japan in April 2019 and stayed a few nights opposite the rugby stadia for the RWC (another event we were supposed to go to but missed out due to the typhoon!). We visited a number of Olympic sites in construction and it was looking mighty impressive.

Such a sad state of affairs that after investment to the tune of around $15bn, they’ll have absolutely nothing to show for it in terms of tourism etc.


Alas more bad news for the Japan 202 this morning. I worked in the medical centre for London 2020 and it was inspiring in the way that only “unlimited supply of cash” can supply. amazing kit (mostly donated), 2x mobile MRI scanners and a complete ER with 4 beds. Full dental suites (6) and Optometry suites (4) Amazing support from colleagues too with both Optometry (my discipline) and dentistry fully booked for 4 weeks! (Olympics and Paras). Cartainly some heath tourism going on - but one has to accept that for the greater picture. As for this Olympics - its a super spreader event for sure and another year’s delay would have been ideal. But doing that to those poor athletes…all that preparation… might have been a step too far?

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