Tokaji drink dates

Fellow members,

My lovely Hungarian uncle Viktor just gave me these four ancient bottles of tokaji.

I’m wondering if they are still vaguely drinkable or best off kept as wine antiques? The two to the left even have Russian red stars on the label around the corks. Love that!

He’s had them forever just sitting in his kitchen wine rack (above the fridge… I know! :grimacing:) so they’ve not had ideal cellaring for a number of decades.

Yes I know I can just open them to find out but which one if any is the best bet?

Cheers Mikey C :crossed_fingers:


I’m no expert, but am quite envious of you finding out.

If I had to bet on just one, I’d say the youngest and sweetest on the right hand side.

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Thank you James. Yes that seems entirely sensible. Incredible how dark they are however I think that must be because of their poor storage!

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I’ve had Tokaji older than these but I guess the colour means the contents may be undrinkable, but no harm in opening them.

Thanks Nick, when and I do open one of them, I’ll report back on its drinkability!


A quick google image search says that other Tokaji that age do go that colour, so don’t lose all hope!

Looks like molasses!! :yum: :face_with_monocle:

Nice - and only one way of finding out …

looking forward to hear that they were amazing!

Could be a coravin job

6 Puttonyos = lasts forever
5 Puttonyos = will easily outlive you

Anything else, drink between eternity and your next serving of goulash, whichever come first.


Yes I was thinking that! :+1:t3:


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£2.97! What a dream.

I hope so mine has been slumbering for a few years now!