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Tokaji - 1981

I have 2 bottles of Tokaji- both 6 P’s.
1981 by Oremus and 1991 by Gabor.

Are these still drinkable?


I imagine it will still be drinkable in 2081.


Very risky. I think they might be poisonous by now. Fortunately it is a toxin I’m immune to and will be very happy to dispose of these potentially deadly items for you :wink:

Or maybe @tom is right and they will still be absolutely fantastic

I found this vintage chart online, no idea of its accuracy, but 1981 looks like a good ‘un.


I have as close to zero knowledge of Tokaji (about 3 bottles in a lifetime?), but I assume with all sweet wines from quality areas that they should drink for decades.

As my understanding of a smattering of chemistry and biology goes, only salt has a lower natual moisture content than either acids or sugar in edibles, so biological and oxidative spoilage chances are much reduced.

As with all forums full of the interested, I’m sure someone will be along soon to expain how completely wrong I am!

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I’m sure they’ll both be wonderful. Let us know once you’ve cracked them open!