Today is International Sauvignon Blanc Day 2021


It’s Friday and we are having Villa Maria 2020 Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, Mrs M’s favourite.

What savvie are you having?

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It’s nice to see an International Day celebrating something more interesting than usual but we will be giving it a miss. We drink very little white wine and rarely Sauvignon Blanc. I find it to be excellent in bouquet especially as I enjoy the first glass but I tire of it very quickly and don’t want a second.


Dog Point, but purely by coincidence.

Last week there was a “Viognier Day”. Did anyone notice?

And the week before was Malbec day. There seems to be a grape a week at the moment. I guess you need to keep the hashtags going on instagram.

That puts into words my own views very well!

Although thinking about it a bit more, I have had SB wines that held the interest. But they were ones that were fairly far from the stereotype. Perhaps growers should move away from using those special yeast strains and uniform growing/picking/winemaking practices, and experiment a bit.


7 and 10 are my favourites


Perhaps those who don’t like SB as it is should just drink other varieties, there’s enough of them, and leave the very popular styles of SB to those that appreciate them. :smiley:

@CCouzens - ah, but no one posted about Viognier Day here, so that’s why we didn’t notice.


Was going to have Touraine Chenonceaux La Long Bec desEchardiers, from TWS also available from Brigitte Bardot wines, but today’s news means it’s Deutz Champagne all the way hey hey.

I guess my point in reply would be that “as it is” has morphed during my lifetime.

I still love the Sancerres and Pouilly Fumés when well made, but the good ones are all over £20 these days. But in volume, they have been dwarfed by the New World “savalanche”. To my taste, in these the flavours have been moved up-front and all foregrounded, rather at the expense of palatal development. I was told by a winemaker that it is mostly down to the use of specialised yeast strains acting on a carefully prepared uniform juice source, at low temperatures.

Whether you like that will be a very personal thing. I don’t dislike it (some do), but I would prefer the interest of the longer palate to go with food.

Naturally, I am generalising wildly just to convey my point.


I Love the word ‘savalanch’, tip of hat!

When I was learning about wine SB was very much looked down on as not worthy. Chardonnay was the white variety, along with Riesling.

But I preferred the red and whites from Bordeaux (Cab/Merlot & Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon) to those from Burgundy (Pinot Noir/Chardonnay).

I really like the grassy, gooseberry flavours of NZ SB. It tastes of something.

Pubs that offer SB nearly always have the Chilean version which has the advantage for them that it’s cheap, but is very restrained and disappointing to me.

Tastes change over years, and I’m aware as I’m older that a lot wines - especially white - that people rave over I just don’t ‘get’, if they have any merit then it’s now too subtle for me.

Getting old has only one upside - it’s better than the alternative.


Only saw it after the event. I don’t really feel I missed out, much as I like viognier.

Whoops correct that to Brigitte Bordeaux Wines.

Make that two of us.

Take note people, this how you complain :smiley:

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Was going to have Duo De Mer today, just to show a little support for Viognier, great offer on bin ends Tws. Unfortunately for a second day running SavBlanc etc in on the cool shelf. Celebrations demand Deutz from favourite York silver.

‘The Day’ completely passed us by but by chance we tasted this, an Italian SB.

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