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Toad in the Hole

Haven’t had a pint of Jennings for so long. After a hard days up on the fells, the first pint barely touched the sides. Just saying… now, I’m thinking about a week in the western fells sometime after Dec 2nd.

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I think I was last in Cockermouth in 2005!

The problem with family in Snowdonia and on the edge of the Peaks is that that tends to be where my walking happens.

A nice problem to have. :smiley:

Unfortunately the Snowdonia lot are about to move to the Peaks (my parents are moving closer to my sisters due to recent granddaughter - and more bizarrely, FOMO at me buying a new house). There’s talk of some kind of family bolt hole being kept in the area though.

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Recipe from a book called sausage and mash, made with M & S Cumberland sausages, served with peas, carrots, mash and gravy and a TWS French red Chateau Pennautier


Oat milk actually works if you run out of cow juice

Wow @Brenda, that looks great. I like M&S Cumberlands, much better than Waitrose.

You posted a photo of the Chateau Pennautier 2015 in the weekend drinking thread. I was intrigued at to what was in the bottle so looked at the winery website and appellation rules.

Anyway I’ve just ordered the 2018 from TWS - and now realise that it is not the same, yours was Terroirs de Altitude, this isn’t, but seems to be the same blend

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Thank you, it’s a new addition to the recipe repertoire. Hope the 2018 vintage is as good as the one we had!

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After reading this thread I had a hankering for toad in the hole for a couple of weeks. It took me that length of time to persuade my partner to give it a try (she’s Scottish, apparently it hasn’t travelled this far north). Quality sausages and dripping were sourced, a recipe decided on (Felicity Cloake’s perfect version as above) and I was hoping to post the results here and watch the likes roll in…except it didn’t rise. If that wasn’t bad enough I forgot to buy a cheap bottle to add to the gravy and ended up using some Baron de Ley Reserva from a half bottle they were flogging for a couple of quid in Morrisons. New oak was not exactly the gravy tasting note I was going for. The verdict:

“You’ve basically just made Yorkshire puddings worse.”

In some form of English/Scottish cultural exchange, next week I now have to try a mince round (Google it). My mouth is not exactly watering at the prospect but I’ll keep an open mind.


Just Googled. I didn’t realise there was anything Scots about it. It’s a mince meat pie (as opposed to a mince pie). Yummy, serve with onion gravy.

Of course, the pie is as good as the filling. No reason why it shouldn’t be excellent.


Must be something to do with trying to make a YP North of the border
Like we’d ever attempt to breed haggis

Now why would you want a mince round when you could have a lovely, peppery ‘scotch pie’. I remember these from my childhood (my mum is Scottish and deemed this the only suitable export).