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Toad in the Hole

I loosely follow Jamie Oliver’s recipe, use our butcher’s sausages which are blinking massive. He does Gloucestershire Old Spot, nice and peppery. I brown them in a frying pan first to given them some colour but also means I can make some great onion gravy. I add come thyme into the batter, just to feel a bit more chef’y. No mustard or ale.


More toad than hole (not a criticism). So what was the wine?

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Yeah I should have just used 4, our butcher’s sausages are significantly bigger than the supermarket. This was from a few weeks ago, I was proud enough to take a photo :blush:

Wine - any fruity red.


right…thats this evening sorted !

the choices:
sausage - Cumberland or caramelised onion ?
batter - water or ale ? if ale, which one ?! some in the batter and some in the gravy ?
additions - mustard, thyme ??

We have a pampered chef individual Yorkshire ‘tin’ and it is amazing…no fat, always raise, pop out at the end - it was a small fortune to buy but so worth it (ps not our pic…but same results)…now what to cook this in ?!


And some in a glass on the side… if :beer: :slight_smile:

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phew…you clarified if :beer:!

sadly, trying to be good during the week…normally Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Mix sausage types.
Beef/lamb/pork of different types.
Beef n’ pork I my preferred combo :slight_smile:


Cumberland. But only if they actually are from Cumberland - ideally the butcher on the high street in Cockermouth. At a push Booths supermarket will do. Not sure how a yard of sausage fits in a ‘toad’ tin though.


We enjoy Guigal CdeR with our Toad. Always a winner.


It’s a good match for everything.

Many years ago, for a food and wine matching experiment, I had Guigal CdR with dinner every night for two weeks. No problems, but I prefer white with fish by a degree.


Presumably then with Jennings as the ale in the batter? (although I’ve just checked their website and they appear to have gone all hipster).

Great idea!

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That’s all toad and no hole

This is what I was talking about earlier in the chat with zero fat… Thanks for the picture not had tih recently

Do like booths - my dad was a Westmoreland boy so still visit family up in the lakes

[goes to find extra big tray for a yard of sausage]

its such an easy recipe…equal volume (not mass!) of egg, flour and milk…no fat

I did add some (dried) thyme in

Do you treat it in the same way as you would if you were using fat? i.e. getting it really hot before putting the batter in?

yes - oven at 225 and put the ‘tray’ in for 10 mins before pouring in the batter

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I’ve just checked this… You do not preheat the pan… Asking for a shattering experience…


I just asked my wife, who normally makes the Yorkshire…and i’m surprised the whole country didn’t hear the “YOU DID WHAT, YOU COULD HAVE SHATTERED IT YOU IDIOT”…think I might have done the wrong thing :rofl: