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Toad in the Hole

A fair few of us seem to have been mentioning, cooking, and pairing with Toad in the Hole recently.

What recipes are people using? What additions do you make? What are your favourite pairings?

For two people I tend to go for 6 sausages, 140g plain flour, two eggs and 175ml of milk and some sunflower oil.

Make the batter (whisking everything batter-y together) and leave to rest. Heat the oven, dish and oil to 220. Once everything is hot put the sausages in and cook them for 15 minutes then add the batter and cook for another 25ish minutes. Serve with gravy and veg (I like kale/dark greens).

Someone here (I can’t remember who sorry!) suggested adding some black pudding, which I am going to try next time I make it, but normally I am reasonably purist in my toad in the hole. I did once debate making fusion with another house favourite of sausage and plum tray bake (but very quickly dismissed that idea!).

Wine wise I usually go for something Northern Spanish or Southern French with plenty of Garnacha/Grenache, but as mentioned in @Brentw1’s post, I also like unoaked chardonnay, which cuts through everything really well.


I’m dribbling here and re-evaluating my thoughts about dinner tonight. Superb strawpig!

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I just checked if I need to go to the shops for sausages

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Use the @ symbol and then their name.

We’re going out for dinner tonight, but I think tomorrow will definitely be toad in the hole if I can make it to the butchers without being washed away!

Looks amazing. I had to go into work today, so hungry at my desk!

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I should possibly caveat this with “two people who’ve usually just gotten back from a weightlifting session at the gym”.

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If I wanted to go fancy with toad, I’d probably do it by jazzing up the sausage choice. Our butchers are fab so maybe some of their smoked pork and maple, or the ones with sticky fig in them.

In our household, though, if I buy sausages there’s an outcry if they aren’t served with mash and beans.


Thanks @Brocklehurstj

It works!

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Got to be butcher’s sausages, supermaket ones dont cut it.


I love Felicity Cloake’s recipes. Milk and ale sounds much better than milk and water :yum:

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Mustard is an afterwards addition for me, but I may give it a go!

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The ale and mustard really adds an interesting dimension, and I find doesn’t overpower the sausages. I don’t always get a good rise though - experimented with using the top oven instead of the main fan over, various tins, using beef dripping vs oil etc. I’ve never been great at yorkies or roux even though I can nail other quite complex dishes.


BBC Good Food recipe is the one I use with the addition of a heaped teaspoon of mustard or horseradish whisked into the batter. Oven at 220C, heavy roasting dish and a good slug of oil. Fry good butchers bangers for 5 mins and then everything into the tray for about 20-25 mins till golden and risen…

End result…


Yes, we had Toad in the Hole the other week with some black pepper sausages and some black pudding - certainly recommend trying the addition. :yum:


I don’t think that any butcher’s sausages are superior to any supermarket’s.

I surely depends on the butcher. I’ve had some butchers sausages that I wouldn’t get a second time. Good luck to those that have a good local butcher making good sausages.

I like M & S Cumberland sausages, like the tang of black pepper in them.

I’ve found a pic of a Toad in the Hole I made that I’m quite proud of because they’re mostly not as good.



Toad in the hole…oh yes. Black pudding sounds a good extra. I tried adding pheasant once but turned out rather dry.

Up here in Gods own country, the co-op have ‘Porcus’ sausages from Todmorden - the finest bangers that ever were. Here are ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics . Incidentally - I have no link whatsoever with Porcus, I just like eating them.


For wine, I’d go for a garnacha from Valencia, or (perhaps even better) a Bobal like TWS bin no.1


This thread is making me completely reevaluate toad-in-the-hole creation. I’ve always seen is as chunks of sausage, not whole sausages. They tend to poke out of (or within) ‘holes’ in the batter that way, but the array of pictures above look yummy.


So easily led…

Decided to go with mustard and ale. We’ll see what the kids think :thinking:


Beef dripping ‘black country snacks’. Happy days as a student in Wolverhampton - my regular lunch of cobs with dripping & salt. Back then cholesterol was not considered a health risk, nor salt come to that.

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Yes, not really for snacking in my book. Roasted my parsnips in it though - very tasty.

My batter didn’t rise as much as it normally would. Think it needed to rest a little, though I did open the door halfway through to get the parsnips in :unamused: it was delicious though, so will definitely try again.