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To ski or to board? ..... and where’s your favourite place?


Which all might help explain why IAG (who own BA) are proudly saying they don’t need any of the government financial assistance that other airlines are talking about. It would seem they’re getting all the financial assistance they need from (ripping off) their customers.


Just had our easter sojourn to France cancelled :frowning:

All credit to Accor hotels - they phoned to explain rather than just sending an email…hotel closed until 15th May !

Staycation and that list of jobs it is then !


Yes, stacation for us too :neutral_face:

We were also lucky - Air B&B paid full refund, as did SNCF. Eurostar gave us credit, so hoping to use it for Alsace in autumn. If this nightmare is done by then… :grimacing:


Thank you for the Eurostar information: I have a Eurostar booking (to Ghent for the van Eyck, now closed), and checked a few days ago when they were saying ‘normal conditions’. Good to see that it has now changed.


Oh yes, they are now offering flexibility - so you can apply for an e-Voucher, which you can then use to book an alternative journey with (must be purchased by 30 June for bookings up to 12 December).