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To ski or to board? ..... and where’s your favourite place?


Excellent thank you! I’ve been really curious about Trysil since the opening of the Scandinavian Mountain Airport


I enjoyed it there - it is different to the Alps but has it’s own charm. Happy to answer any specific questions if that helps.

We’re very likely to book to go back next year (if not before, given the season often runs quite late that far north). It’s close enough for us to do a long weekend.


Wow!! How beautiful @Alchemist. Thanks for reporting back, its going on the list.


@danchaq how was Hakuba? I heard the snow wasn’t great this year, but didn’t get any more detail other than ‘Japan’. Hopefully you didn’t get caught up in any coronvirus travel madness!


Glencoe has masses now. Heading up tomorrow…:slight_smile: for the day.

This run is still officially closed for avalanche risk…it’s seriously steep…


Looks fun! :grimacing:

There was one 45 degree black run in Trysil that apparently has quite a reputation. Needless to say, I went nowhere near it!

Run 75 above Hogegga…

The photo in my earlier post was from the top of Red 44.


Not sure you can get them anymore. Have been taken off most wine lists as a result of his behaviour.


I went skiing for the first time in about 20 years a couple of years ago. Thankfully it is much like riding a bike, the big difference was having to wear a helmet and the skis being much shorter than they were.

I’d previously always been in France, numerous times in val thorens plus val d’isere and tignes.

2 years ago I went to Kitsbuhel and I returned to Austria again this year in Ellmau.

I’m now a complete convert to Austria and much prefer it to France. skiing is great, no real difference to France but the quality of service and value for money is a different league.

You can happily stop for lunch or drinks on the slope and not worry about the cost whereas in france they just rip you a new xxxhole just to get a coffee. Never mind what they charge for a bottle of wine.

We normally had a magnum of Aix over lunch and quite often added a bottle of exceptional Austrian riesling. The Aix was about 62 euro i think and the riesling about 45.

In France would probably be double that.

The ski after lunch was a challenge though after the wine!


Wow! That’s mental, I think Id be on the edge of my board the whole way down that one…
Ive done the corvice bowl at Mammoth, only cause all the guys did and I wasn’t going to be the only one not to, the scariest bit was turning my board face down it :scream:


Looks like the Back Corries at Aonach Mor - ski the cornice to get into it…

45 degrees is seriously steep, though in good snow it can be a lot easier than an icy or mogulled run of 30 degrees. Flypaper in my photo above is between 40 and 45 degrees depending on the angle you go in at. It’s closed much of the time due to either avalanche or ice danger. I skied it for the first time in a while about 3 years ago and it was very tough and that in about a foot of fresh snow.


Been to Jackson a couple of times, but only did this run once. Ticked it off the list and no need to do it again. Not sure if I could now anyway.


Holy SHIT!!!!! Yeah no thanks to that ! Well done for flinging yourself down that one !! Extremely brave :muscle::muscle:!


Extremely scared in fact!


You need to get the entry spot on there…I wouldn’t be doing that now. Maybe a long while back…looks ok if you can get through the first 30-40 yards of it.


Yes, the entry is tricky. Once you’re down a bit it opens up and is fairly straightford.


You are correct. Not sure if that’s the reason the TWS stopped stocking his wine but there was a bit of a backlash in Canada last year. I was there last summer not realising what had happened but the winery was still very busy.


Yeah Japan is having I think their worst ski season ever. It rained just before we got to Hakuba then rained again the Saturday we were there. Some of the areas were quite bare and we had one false start, but the big areas were fine enough. It did snow a couple days, so I got to ski between the trees and had a taste of the Japanese powder. I’d go back to Hakuba in the right circumstances, but it is a long way to go.

Good trip in all. Tokyo is only three hours and a bit away. I had a lot of noodles and rice and sake and lager. Found a few craft beers. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and I’ll definitely go back so I can see Kyoto and more of the country.


Chapeau ! thats one mighty pair to try that…even if you are likely to lose them on landing :joy::rofl:

There was a bar we frequented when younger that showed extreme sports - one night a friends girlfriend comments that we hadn’t said a word for about 10 mins…we were all totally engrossed in clips of a similar vain to this - we could all ski but these are a different league (apart from for the one friend used to help coach moguls to one of the GB teams)!


I must admit, my desire to visit Japan was awoken through the imagery of the country through both the rugby World Cup and the recent James May series (on Amazon) - its definitely on the bucket list now!


Japan is somewhere I’ve wanted to see even as a kid, so I had to jump and the chance when some friends in Australia wanted to meet up. I have to say, it did not disappoint!