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To ski or to board? ..... and where’s your favourite place?

Just a small one then…:sweat_smile:

Yes…wasn’t intending to but got back late from cricket league meeting which overran due to a serious issue coming up, driving in what can only be described as bad West of Scotland January weather…

It’s been an abstemious((ish) week so far.

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Looking to plan a trip to Avoriaz in March… a friend moved to Geneva so we go somewhere easy for him to get to now; last few years that’s been Verbier, Argentiere, Val Thorens and La Plagne. Have also had trips to Les Houches, Ardent, Meribel, Courchevel and Alpe d’Huez.

I really enjoyed my one trip to Austria (Saalbach) and to Switzerland (Wengen) and would really like to try the Dolomites and Cervinia as well as more in those two countries.

Even though I’ve been about 10 times I’m still pretty rubbish, but as an experienced friend said to me on my first day, “Nick, you can look at skiing two ways - as an extreme sport or as a way to get to lunch”. Personally I’m very happy with the latter, as I just love the mountains.


I am. Moved to Gothenburg last summer and am having a great time, though I do miss passing by the TWS showroom on the way to work - though it has somewhat reduced my “impulse wine purchases”!

Not too much snow yet this year where we are - the weather is like the west coast of Scotland, but you don’t have to go too far north and they’ve had plenty. I understand from the locals that it’s been unusually mild this year and winter hasn’t really started yet, so we’ll see what February brings :cold_face:

In terms of skiing it’s also worth thinking about Sälen and Trysil as I believe there’s now a direct flight from the UK (to Scandinavian Mountains Airport)


looking to go over new year :slight_smile: …only 11 months away !!

Ive done a little bit of skiing, OH very little (exchange school based in Beaufort (CHEEEEEEESSSSEEEE!!) but she was normally looking after the kids who didn’t want to ski!), son…new to it. So, we will use this year to learn, reacclimatise at the local Snowzone in MK

For first family outing will look to head into Europe - I’m thinking Kitzbuhl or Montgenevre…but may end up Albertville / Beaufort area


lucky thing ! love Gothenburg - used to visit several times a year (clients like Volvo, Koenigsegg…)

Would stay at the old Carnegie brewery in Klippan (it was Novotel but changed something else). Now that had some expensive beer !! After viewing the wine list one night, my boss decided we wouldnt have wine (he was a tight git and thought it too expensive) and that we would have one of their bottles of beer (750ml) …he pointed to a bottle on display and when the bill came he nearly died… was close to £100 !!

some nice restaurants too - used to visit the other side of the river to Klippan, the old harbour area? Seem to remember a restaurant called River that was very good

Was recommend Tyrsil several years ago…have you been before ?


Just back from 6 days in Samoens, a boys trip.
We’ve been doing this from about 15 years, so know it pretty well.
Snow was holding up well and the needed top up happened as we left with snow down into the village.


I love this …. and its so true :rofl:,
Last year we had grand plans to make it back to Mammoth mountain in the Sierra Nevada, unfortunately, it never happened due to Mr. Leah’s offshore schedule and taking on a new ship :roll_eyes:.
This year, our flight are booked and we are off in March so have been trying to get the kids up to speed on a dry slope… hard work :neutral_face:.
To be honest we would just like them to enjoy it and the 7 year old is actually doing quite well but I’ll take them up to Glasvegas to the snozone in half term so they can have a go on “real” snow. Failing that for the almost 5 year old we’ll just adopt this way of getting down the mountain with him…:rofl:

(Just to note, they use a dummy for the kickers and rails :wink: ).
I’m also very much looking forward to drinking more Californian wine :yum:. .

Also, just wondering, has anyone with kids tried one of these harnesses??


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I’ve now had to take on part time caring for my mum which means I can’t get out for my normal 3 months but I’m managing 2 weeks right now (I’m actually typing this in a service area just North of Reims!). I’m also hoping to get out again for the last two weeks of March.

Both times will be to Chamonix and staying in my motorhome as usual! I mostly do off-piste and ski mountaineering which make Chamonix the perfect destination for me!

(@Inbar if you still want it I shall try and pick up some more of that Savoie white and if so how many? :smiley: )


Oooh! That’s really kind of you, Mike!! :slight_smile::+1: two bottles should do the trick, if it’s not too much of a hassle…? Thanks a million! :smile:

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No problem (assuming I can still get it!)

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Don’t worry if not, Mike - and don’t go out of your way. Only if you come across it :+1:

I’m going to the supermarket where I got it before on Monday anyway so will take a look! :smiley:

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I’m heading back to Whistler for about my 5th time! I just can’t resist even with the 10hr flight. 2 massive mountains, wide pistes at all levels of ability, off-piste (if you like that sort of thing) very polite, fast lifts (no fighting with ski-poles) and great food places. Some nice restaurants in the village, and the opportunity to sample some Canadian wine. I ski but plenty of boarding options too.
I love it so much I’m going back in the summer this year and will be travelling along the Okanagen valley to visit some wineries.


Wow! @HBlackburn, that’s right up my tree. It sounds fantastic. I’ll definitely have a look at Whistler for the future and I like the sound of “no fighting” while getting on lifts and gondolas. I firmly believe the French skiers detest all boarders regardless of nationality :sweat_smile:

A useful starting sentiment! :wink:


Update on my post from last year … turns out I did make it to the Moosewirt (twice!) and it was indeed difficult skiing for me all week.

This year… lads’ trip to Hakuba in a couple weeks. First time! :jp:


Love Samoëns - the family has skied there several times, but more recently we’ve switched to Aravis (La Clusaz/Grand Bornand) in 10 days’ time. Has been snowing there for three days, will be lovely this weekend, then will snow again next Monday / Tuesday, so hopefully topping up nicely for Saturday 15th when we arrive.


@Alchemist, how was the trip to Norway??

It was excellent! Thanks for asking. I would definitely recommend Trysil as a resort. It had a good mix of slopes and terrains for all ability skiers. Our group had everything from complete beginners to experienced skiers and there was something for everyone. The resort is effectively on three sides of a mountain, with the main tourist resort being the middle of the three. We stayed in Hoyfjellsenteret which was much quieter than the main resort and rarely had to queue for access to lifts even though it was the main holiday week for our part of Sweden. The weekend we left was the start of the main vacation in Norway (and UK half term) and it was very noticeable that the number of Brits increased dramatically. Seems to be a popular place for UK travelers. In terms of weather, we were very lucky with snow falling the weekend we arrived and then several clear, cold sunny days following on. Here’s the view from the top…

Wine highlight of the week was a 2016 of this…


From a case of 12 bought direct from the producer, though frequently offered in the TWS Rhone EP offers.