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To ski or to board? ..... and where’s your favourite place?


Look forward to seeing them on the slopes in their Newcastle United tops :wink:


You put us to shame @MikeFranklin …you have a couple of years or so on me. I found 3 days guided off piste quite enough, albeit in my defence I did pull a quad muscle on day 2…

An interesting if optimistic take on the GM problems too…although, yes the numbers willing to skin it up for an hour will certainly mean it will take longer to ski out. You won’t manage quite so many runs though…


@Leah. Fair enough. Just wanted to say that the point about Mammoth was to do with the altitude, not the weather. Sometimes young children react badly to big altitude changes and that was what I was concerned about rather than being too cold . Your children are not so young and I was perhaps making over-cautious suggestions.



Don’t talk to me about altitude; for the last 30 years I’ve been into climbing big mountains (up to about 6500m) but I’m the world’s worst acclimatiser (even had tests done and they agree with me). Why do I put myself through all those headaches and nausea time after time after time?! :wink: Seriously though it is something to watch if going high. Go to the top the Aiguille du Midi cable and then try running up the steps at the top…


I think it’s the relaxed attitude I like stateside. Less lift queues and generally chilled locals.


Just caught up on this thread.
Great topic @Leah!
This is something we will have to deal with over the next few years.
As far as skiing or boarding - I’m a boarder 100%, my wife ski’s.
We took my 1 year old son to Saint-Foy-Tarentaise which is very small resort (4 lifts) earlier this year.
St-Foy is located below Val d’Isere (bout 25 mins by car). It is perfect for ski school and beginners due to the size and close proximity. They will accept children into ski school as long as they are out of nappies.
It also has great off-piste. Jenny Jones did a piece on Ski Sunday about it’s off-piste attributes a couple of years ago.
We used the in-laws to babysit a bit but certainly didn’t get as much snow time as we normally would have. I’m tempted to leave snow trips for a few years until attempting again. And after travelling to Australia and back with a 20 month old I certainly will wait until the kid(s?) are double figures in age before attempting Canada/USA ski trips.
You are braver than me @Leah!


I worked as a ski instructor in Switzerland (Villars) for three seasons - fab family resort. We have skied in Scotland (Glenshee) Andorra (Pal & Arinsal), Italy (Val di Sole) and Switzerland (Adelboden) with dozens of teenage Scouts. Our honeymoon was spent skiing in Colorado (Steamboat Springs), and with the family have skied France (Les Houches - brilliant for those with really little ones - Morzine, Samoëns & La Clusaz) and Switzerland (Saas Fee & Verbier). Last went to La Clusaz three years ago (when my 81-year-old father-in-law was skiing on his new hip!) and are seeking somewhere for this winter. We tend to stay in a village and drive, as there are 12 of us (plus other halves these days!), so we can keep the cost down and just drive 15 mins or so to the resort.


Yes, and you end up even more knackered at the end of every day because you’ve skied another 90 minutes than usual that you would have spent queuing up in Europe! :wink:


But there are two major advantages to skiing in Europe, rather than US/Canada: better food at lunch (in the evening, wherever you are, you can choose) and being able to drive to/from the resort, which means passing by (depending on resort) Burgundy or Rhone; or Alsace/Jura; or Mosel/Rhein; or Alto Adige… Or, with a minor diversion around the other side of Paris, Loire. Yes, you have to avoid Savoy wines, but even these are getting better.


I try to meet them head-on :wink::+1:


Don’t disagree on the food front as it can get a bit tedious although on the last trip to the US we did manage to squeeze a few bottles of Ridge East Bench and Ponzo Zinfandel in the luggage. Not quite the same a a boot full of burgundy though😆


Hi. Definitely skiers but our 20 something children also board. We are fortunate with a apartment in Porte Du Soleil, near to Morzine, France with 100 bottles in the cellar there. Skied mainly in Westendorf, Austria and France (Porte du Soluel and Chamonix). Food good in both countries but more expensive in French Alps. We enjoy visiting the Autumn wine festivals too, stocking up our French cellar. I try to buy wine in France and keep a couple of years before drinking as cost effective, does not always work if 8 staying in the flat! Wine usually discounted in October as they clear the stocks for the next vintage. We do have some interesting Swiss wines and ski over the boarder. This will be our first season with season passes as now retired. Not sure how long my knees will last on black runs and moguls but so far OK! :snowman_with_snow::skier::ski: View from our apartment to make you jealous!


A small tip for the knees. I’ve been skiing 3 months straight everyt season for the last 5 years (I’m 61 now). A few years back I used to get sore knees after two or three weeks skiing and so I started wearing simple neoprene knee supports before they started hurting and found they did the job (so long as I avoided too much piste skiing). If I occasionally forget to put them on I can immediately notice the difference in comfort at the end of the day. Only down side is they can get a tad sweaty!

If you have severe problems you might consider looking at a ski-mojo:

They literally have built in shock absorbers and are quite highly regarded.


Skier here. I do fancy giving boarding a go, but there’s so much challenge left in skiing for me and I’d have to find the right group to give up a week to being un grand débutant again.

I had a really enjoyable week in Limone Piemonte with some nice wine, but it’s really a weekend resort for the Niçoises and not set up for English tourism much, so I’m not sure what you’d do with the little ones. If you’re a pretty good boarder you might also get bored of the slopes by the end of the week, but the food and drink might make up for that :wink:

I go to Tignes just about every year. As been said before, Espace Killy is big and has something for everyone. Personally I like being in France, but I get that not everyone likes the vibe in the purpose built French resorts. Maribel is similar, but I’ve got friends in Tignes and a soft spot for the resort.

St Anton is a blast, but definitely not fun for beginners. I’ve got a back country course booked there this January that I’m not sure I’m ready for. I suspect I won’t make it to the Moosiwirt this time! :grimacing:

What I will add is I’ve got a good friend with two young boys who really rates Club Med ski holidays. A little pricey but works out ok if you take advantage of it being all inclusive. In particular it’s pretty much drop and go with the kiddos. They can ski, or learn or go to kids club or whatever works. They can do in all day - as little or much as you want. For what it sounds like you’re looking for in a holiday @Leah it is probably worth checking out.


Reviving this topic from last year seeing as its now the winter ski/boarding season and I’ve just come home from the kids ski lessons on a dry slope… (Rather them than me :smile:).
So who’s off where this year? @MikeFranklin Chamonix calling??


Heading to Trysil in Norway in about 10 days time for a week of skiing.

About 5 hours drive from where we are in Sweden, and will be taking our post-ski vino with us to help ease the aching limbs.


Are you living in Sweden now?? If so how much snow do you get? I’ll have a look at this Norwegian resort, looks fab :grinning:


He moved last summer lucky so-and-so :smile:


I thought so.


Haven’t decided if I will go yet this year. Had some health issues, not major, just frustrating which has held me back from things a bit, but feeling a bit better now, so may sneak a March week somewhere. Body will need some work before then…he said sipping a whisky…