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Tipsy Tuesday


Maybe there should just be ‘weekend drinking’ and ‘weekday drinking’ threads?!! :smile:

Steak for my birthday lunch, this was delicious with it. All rich red fruit and leather. Yum.


Looks fantastic! Makes me simultaneously hungry and thirsty! Happy birthday :smile::balloon:
And I think you’re right- we should just have a ‘Daily Drinking’ thread!!


Awesome - have a great birthday @tom!

This was opened on Sunday and there are a few glasses left. I would not be at all surprised if I end up working my way through 1 or 2 during the first semi final later.

The Soceity’s BV has been a favourite of mine for a while, but it has now been usurped. This is fabulous for the money.


Happy birthday @tom

I am going to have some left over Bramito 2017 with the football tonight.


Also walked past BBR today and they were showcasing these, very nice, not cheap though. The middle one showed best.


FYI. Waitrose have some Baron de Ley on offer at the moment. I very much enjoyed their Reserva.