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Tipsy Tuesday [5 June]


Anyone drinking this evening (or this lunchtime, for that matter)?..

We’re going to finally try the wonderfully named Juhfark, which has been recommended quite a few times in the community:

The other half banned me from calling it ‘Kolonics’, as he feels his buttocks starting to clench at the mere mention of it. But names aside, I’m looking forward to tasting it! We’ll have it with a lovely Jamie Oliver chicken recipe.

What is everyone else having?.. :clinking_glasses:


Sparkling water


On a more serious note, make sure this wine isn’t too cold, and (just to set expectations raised rather high by the Meursault reference) expect it to be more creamy and soft and not as bright as the comparison might imply - but do drink with an open mind since I have enjoyed it immensely


Thanks for the tips! :+1:
I’m quite looking forward to the creamy side of it. But will definitely keep an open mind…
Will join you on the sparkling water front on Wednesday and Thursday :wink:


Small glass of Dolcetto Carlindepaolo with pizza for lunch. It is very good… if you eat at Franco Manca… fresh light fruity


V Are you sure it’s not a waterproofing treatment for teak garden furniture :rose:

Visigodo, Rueda Verdejo…£4.99 at Lidl
Crisp, fresh, bright in fact everything I’m not feeling like at the moment…


Got to check out Lidl again! been ages since I’ve been there.
We got a couple interesting looking ones from Aldi the other day, though. An Albariño from their ‘Exquisite’ range, and a ridiculously priced Douro blend called Animus. Looking forward to checking them out! :smiley:


You were in luck! I went into my nearest Aldi a week ago, and the selection was dismal. Maybe it’s just that store.


Well, yes.

Last minute call from a friend and we went toa local pub for lunch. Forwent the lousy Barefoot Merlot by the glass and splashed out on a bottle of Campo Viejo Rioja. Basic, but decent Tempranillo, Spanish bottled and closed with a DIAM.

Tonight will have Mafhur Jaffrey’s chicken in a coriander and lemon sauce recipe with plain rice and stir fried pak choi in oyster sauce, accompanied by

which I am trying for an upcoming tasting.


I think it really depends where the store is with both Aldi and Lidl. The Aldi in Lewes always seems to have at least a couple interesting wines. I don’t often buy their wine, but if I’m in the neighbourhood I pop in to get their lovely Cremant du Jura. Real value for money, that one!


You were quite unlucky then…the store I visit in Preston always has at least three reds and one white in stock that I would buy…I suppose it depends what you are looking for…you say the selection was dismal, how many have you actually tried ?
I only use Aldi or Lidl when I am out of TWS stock…:innocent::rose::wine_glass:

Or of course when Mrs O is doing her austerity thing , which currently she is. :roll_eyes:


@inbar, last year both my local Aldi and Lidl had decent stock of good wine, but literally both have gone to the dogs. I believe they are targeting certain stores with the half decent wines and ignoring others. I’ve recently contacted Aldi about their store selection when deciding what wines go where but have yet to have a response … I’ve been extremely disappointed with my local stores selection compared with what they used to be like .


Just finishing this from the weekend.
A lovely mature bottle of warming autumnal fruits with enough acidity to keep it fresh


That’s interesting, @Leah! I wonder what the thought behind it is…? Is it based on sales of specific bottles in specific locations which lead them to move things around? Funny that they haven’t replied to you yet! Let us know if they do - be interesting to hear their reasoning…!


@Inbar, @onlyawino, @Leah - I suspect you are all right - it’s probably a store based thing. I was quite impressed with the selection around Christmas time, but subsequently it’s just languished. A foolish marketing decision if I may say so - once you lose a customer, it will take many times as much work to get them back in.

Right, that’s enough about Aldi. Tonight we had this -

2014 Titchfield Pinot Noir (Hampshire, England)
This is really delicious! Slightly chilled, it really hits the spot for a light dinner in the garden. At around £12 I seem to recall, it’s a far better bet than most cheap Bourgogne Rouges, which is the nearest category for comparison I can think of. Very fragrant on the nose, and classic cool-climate PN. And it’s only 11.5% ABV.


Neighbours popped in, so an impromptu bottle of my current house white this evening

Still find this to be amazing value for the money.


I think this is fairly standard with all supermarkets. Branches are grouped into BWS categories which determines which selections will go on their shelves.

Crudely I’d suggest more high priced wines, craft beers and single malt whiskys in richer areas while poorer areas get brand name wines, cheap beers and spirits.

Supermarkets would probably say their choices are based on previous sales figures and thus they are meeting local demand.


Delighful wine. A definite for my tasting!


@Inbar, the Animus has been a firm favourite since it was recommended by Joe Fattorini a while back . I expected it to evaporate from Aldi’s shelves as good deals seem to do very quickly, but it has stuck around to my delight! Also can be ordered online, with free delivery for 6 bottles + …


I guess that makes sense, other things being equal. Though in many cases, other things may be far from equal. My local Aldi has a Waitrose only a couple of hundred metres away, and the wine flies off the shelves there. There may well be a degree of selection based on destination rather than socioeconomic profile involved, especially as this part of Hampshire isn’t exactly short of a bob or two.

Maybe Aldi couldn’t compete in the wine sector, though they do pretty well in strange things like air compressors and the other large items they put in the centre of their stores.

Though in all cases I think the local manager has a say in stocking the store.


Fairly similar picture in Lewes (paragon of middle-class habits and preferences), where we go shopping from time to time. Aldi is right next to Majestic, Waitrose and Tesco - so you’d think they’d struggle on the wine front - but they don’t seem to be; always well stocked and a good choice of their better wines. It might be that being so near to other, more established wine shops, has actually worked well for them - as the same clientele who pop into Waitrose, stick their nose in Aldi too and enjoy the price difference. Guilty as charged. Though perhaps I’m just stating the obvious! :grinning: