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Tipsy Tuesday [3rd July]


Tuesday again. There’s a pattern emerging here!
So what is everyone drinking this evening? It’s promising to be another fine one, too (unless I’m being south-centric, in which case- my apologies)! :sun_with_face:
We’ll be opening a Nerello Mascalese from M&S:

We had it a couple times before and really enjoyed it. Perhaps it’s not the finest example of this lovely grape, but it’s got a good balance of fruit and spice, so perfect for a mid-week drink. We’ll be having some hot smoked salmon, Jersey royals and asparagus to go with it. Hope it works!
Over to you… :sunglasses:


I have just been in M&S and almost picked up the Etna Rosso

I’m having this instead with bolognaise


I finally did my WSET L3 exams yesterday after putting off doing the course for ages. To celebrate, we opened this

and left some in the decanter overnight to see how it is on day 2. Yesterday it was pretty much the ne plus ultra of the full bodied dry white. I know lots of people would have waited another decade to open it, but it is great now and definitely works best around cellar temperature. Spicy, floral, waxy, bitter finish and a texture half-way between full cream milk and single cream. Now to save some pennies to buy some more and see how it is in ten years…


A couple of glasses of this to go with salmon and the stress of the England game later. I spotted that it was out of stock yesterday, and I lamented my decision to only get one, but it looks as if more is coming in a few days’ time. Really good chardonnay for the price!


Congratulations, @Mooble! Hope it went well! :wink:


The 1990 of that wine was unbelievable.
Best of luck with the results!


Thanks @Inbar @Taffy-on-Tour - it went well (I think). Written paper very straightforward and I’m fairly sure the tasting wines were a NZ Sauvignon and a new world Cabernet (though sadly there are no points for guessing that!)


That’s good news- and sounds like you celebrated in style, too! :wink:
I’m going to be doing Level 2 in September, and can’t wait… except that I don’t want to wish the summer away, of course…!
Hope you pass with flying colours! :+1::clinking_glasses:


Congratulations of sitting the L3 @Mooble. I got a Barolo and a pinot grigio on mine .
Tonight I think I’ll be having this: (Not the whole bottle I might add :rofl:)

A gorgeous Torrontes. The world doesn’t drink enough Torrontes imho.


Totally agree, @Leah! Though it seems difficult to find good examples that have this haunting fragrance and don’t fall flat on the palate. I’d be interested to know what you think of it…!
My favourite one from the few I tried so far is this Susana Balbo one:
This one by her is also gorgeous:

Gosh! I’m getting quite thirsty now…!


I really like the Amaru but also the Cuma organic which is this one. I can’t get hold of it at the moment at the price point I buy it at so have ordered up a different one. Should be here tomorrow. But in the meantime , tonight I’ll have the Amaru.



Sweeping up from our weekend BBQ and the left over melanzanna alla parmigiana with this whilst watching telly. I think there’s some footie on.

Good value and tasty style, like the food and hopefully the team.


Did M&S have many wines left after your recent visit? :wink:
There’s been quite a yummy selection.


Ha ha! I didn’t dare look behind when I left the shop… Unlike Lot’s wife :wink:
I find it difficult to leave that place without a bottle or two - there’s always something surprising or intriguing to explore…


This Grenache (or Garnacha as I should say) from Rioja is well worth checking out. Had it with a chorizo hash and it went very well!


It’s not really a football wine, nor a pizza wine, but tonight I went to a friend’s house for both those things, and took the Weinert Cabernet 2006. Crikey that’s tasty juice! I see what all the fuss is about.


I was there on Tuesday and went browsing whilst the wife shopped, brought back some odds for everyday drinking including a Chardonnay from Langhorne Creek that was on offer, this is one of the new Aus cool climate Chardonnays, had it last night before the game , something stronger during the game !

If I had viewed and tasted blind I would have sid it was an SB so pale and the taste was indistinguishable , if this is the new route , and I have had a couple of other Adelaide Hills Chardonnays that were not so much different then give me back the old oaked version for there is no point.


Perhaps, like anything in life, the pendulum had just swung too far in the other direction, and now producers are trying (too?) hard to disassociate their style from the old oakey ways, by going the other extreme. Not sure why us humans do that, when the middle road is so much more attractive! May they find it soon.


Ahead of last night’s game I realised that I couldn’t really be bothered to cook dinner at half time, so we postponed the salmon until tonight and ordered pizza instead. Obviously that meant a change of wine choice too, so the Loire Chardonnay stayed in the fridge in favour of a couple of glasses of this:

It’s not quite Le Fraghe but for a midweek quaffer, perfectly acceptable.

I love Bardolino!


The “new style” of Australian Chardonnay can be delicious and exciting. But it can also be bland and unforgettable as you described.

I wouldn’t have considered Langhorne Creek as a cool climate region and previously only associated it with Cabernet. Some of the Bleasdale wines we stock have been a pleasant surprise but I’d suggest you would need to pay more than “everyday drinking” prices and go for true cool climate sites if you want to see what the buzz is about.

There are some great Chardonnays that slot into the “new wave” category coming from Tasmania, Adelaide Hills and Tumbarumba amongst others but very few of them are under £20.