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Tipsy Thursday [28 June]


Here we are again! And very pleasant it is, too: the sun is shining (hopefully on all of us), the birds are chirping, the breeze is blissful. So… what are you drinking this evening?

I am in a slightly elevated mood due to the weather, and well relaxed after a wonderful swim at the Lewes Pells (an outdoor swimming pool - the oldest one in the UK, I think…?), so it just has to be a rosé! This one, to be precise:

Looking forward to having it with some veggie fajitas.
What will you be having…? :sunglasses::clinking_glasses::sun_with_face:


Great minds think alike!


We clearly got wine on the mind!.. :wink: Although sound like you might forgo it this evening.
Forgot it’s a big evening for football lovers, so as you point out - it might be more of a beer evening for most…?:beers:


Leftover Chilli Con Carne for dinner, which will be accompanies by this rather delicious leftover Cabernet:

Really enjoyed a couple of glasses of this on Tuesday, and fully expect the rest of the bottle to go while I’m watching the football later. Proper rich, deep, satisfying cabernet. Delicious!


I’ll be sharing this with the housemates after I get back from training

Delicious and sensational for the price!


Need to stay cool when the weather is hot hot hot

…so starting off with a cold beer or two



This bottle of Manzoni Bianco, apparently a child of Riesling and Pinot Blanc. Very nice, light with the slightest hint of skin contact.


I had quite a Sherry envy yesterday evening, after seeing @danchaq’s post, but managed to hold off… till now, that is!
So starting the evening with this scrumptious Oloroso:
A real beauty of a Sherry. Smells intensely of walnuts and raisins; dry and smooth on the palate, with a lovely oxidised after-taste, and a touch of salinity. :ok_hand:
The rosé comes next… :blush:


Any child of them two is welcome to play in this house! :wink:


Funnily enough, we had the rosé next as well…

Whistle clean finish but a palate overwhelmingly of ripe strawberries. Delicious with a tender stem broccoli frittata and a Cornish cheese platter.


…also I am jealous of your rosé @Inbar as that bottle is what I was unsuccessfully trying to purchase when I saw the En Rama back in stock!


Ahh, a case of both of us wanting what we can’t have… But hopefully a new vintage of this rosé will be coming along? It is an excellent example of a rather complex Pinot Noir rosé, I must say! :+1:


Rose here too - come on the English Red Rose!


Pizza and Rustenberg Grenache in front of the football…


Phil Jones looks every inch of a liability




Wasn’t a classic match for fattoush, I’m sure.


I really like Rustenberg as a producer. How is the Grenache? I’ve had The Chardonnay, the straw wine, Peter Barlow and the John x Merriman, all of which have been very fine. The Grenache looks good value.


Opened this last night. Kicking myself as far too young but just great anyway


Haven’t tried the Peter Barlow yet, but I’ve had the others you’ve listed and I agree - they seem to be consistently good whatever they try their hand at. The Straw Wine is a gem and a bargain.


Hm!.. You might be on to something there! :thinking: