Tio Pepe En Rama 2018

I’m really getting into sherry (clearly spending too much time with Wine Society folks) and it’s perfect in this warm weather - a glass of something cool and refreshing with some salty snacks is the perfect end to a hot day!


That Lustau “Pata de Gallina” is a favourite of mine around Christmas, served with salted almonds. £18 per half is quite pricey, but the flavour is so intense it goes a surprisingly long way. Actually, that is generally true of all these specialist aged sherries.

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You know more about this subject than most and I was interested in your comments on Tio Pepe, I have never been able to see how this is touted as something special, to me it is just a decent reliable Fino no more and yes there are better out there.
Barbadillo as a producer used to have dozens of different sherries, mainly manzanillas, on the market but you rarely see any now, is this because Barbadillo has like so many , like Gonzalez Byass, gone into still wine production ?

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Thanks @cerberus And I agree with you, I have never considered Tio Pepe a great wine. The en rama version is certainly better, but not on my personal list of favourites.

Barbadillo still has a very broad range, but maybe it’s not that popular here. They are doing a very interesting version of Solear en rama bottled 4 times a year in every season. It’s a good idea as the flor yeast in biological ageing wines changes through the year and therefore the wine itself. They have also had still white wines for a few decades but nothing remarkable, basically table wines.

And talking manzanilla, this is great, with a good 10 plus years of ageing: