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Time to panic-buy pink wine


The forecast is not looking rosé after the madness that was the 2017 growing season:

Or is this more fearmongering from the press…?

Is there any insider knowledge out there?

I guess a wine which is both very much drink-youngest-available and currently very popular is going to be more vulnerable to poor harvests.


Lucky there are so many other rosés out there… some will keep for years. My local wine merchants stocks a few Greek numbers that are every bit as good as Provence, made to the same colour too… I have a few bottles of 2014 Sancerre rosés left, coming into the drinking window apparently. … This Muller-Catoir and the Pataille Rosés offered by TWS are also pretty good alternatives, sadly not in stock now -so maybe cause for despair.


Pffft! I detect the strong whiff of PR departments at work.

You may remember the “World Wine Shortage” of late 2017. (you don’t? - Google “world wine shortage”). It garnered acres of press coverage and free publicity. So this sort of thing works like a dream, gaining loads of free publicity for your brand as well as the urge to buy! buy!! buy!!!.

One thing you have always been able to rely on has been the tidal wave of unsold rosés in the winter bin-end sales. Maybe we won’t see so many of these this year. End of story. Wine is an agricultural product - yields always go up and down.


As long as it’s not too late to cancel the dozen cases of Côtes de Provence I’ve just ordered…


I tend to be in agreement with @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis. Last year the press touted prosecco drama by declaring Italy would run out, mass purchases of bottom end Prosecco were being bought at reduced supermarket prices to fuel the “panic”. I believe these are all just marketing ploys to drive demand. As @szaki1974 has said, the Muller Catoir really was good with a spicy body and there are plenty other alternative Rose to get your fix this summer. I drank a fair bit of this last year and is was refreshing with a bit more bite than a provence:


Churnalism! The Grauniad is as guilty as the rest of copy/pasting press releases for a quick, unresearched news fix.


Good choice, @Leah! I love this one. I also love rosés from Navarra and the ones from Portugal never fail to delight. :+1:


Definitely. There have always been more serious rosés in the mix available, but there seems to be more interest in them these days. Bandol and the (seriously geeky) Rosé des Riceys both respond to cellaring as well. I’ve honestly never tried it with Rioja rosés but as Lopez de Heredia do an aged reserva rosé, then I guess it’s worth a try.

And there’s plenty of serious rosés from Provence itself these days.


I have yet to try a Rose des Riceys, but hopefully will pick some up in Champagne in the summer. I have some Tavel waiting to be drunk too and also some Marsannay which again are heavier than Provence! Roll on the warm weather , I’m Rose ready :sweat_smile:


It does look like prices are going up. I ordered 12 bottles of Whispering Angel 2017 about a month ago for £190 which will be enough rose for me over the summer. That’s just below £16 per bottle.

From a quick search online it’s now going for about £20 per bottle.


I’d agree with that - Purchased a few bottles of Côtes de Provence Rosé, Château de Galoupet Cru Classé 2016 in November 2017 (gosh, but I was optimistic about the winter) for £10.95. Just checked and the latest vintage due in shortly is now £13.50!! :anguished:


Whispering Angel has had huge positive publicity in the last year or two, and is very popular. Not surprising that demand is high and so people are prepared to pay more for it - hence price going up for that wine.

Add to that the lower pound since 52% voted Leave in 2016 and lower volumes of 2017 wine from France (though not from everywhere else), which have made almost wines more expensive.


Rose de Riceys is an amazing wine though not had one for years


I don’t think there will be a shortage to many other countries are producing rose, yet this shows how popular it has become.

“The emergence of the rosé phenomenon has been mind-boggling. As little as 10 years ago, drinking rosé was more a guarded secret—a badge of honor among a small cadre of pink enlightened. Now a hyper-seasonal novelty has become a year-round way of life. Americans guzzle more than 500 million bottles of year. The French are consuming more rosé than white wine. And I couldn’t be happier.”

although why the writer was so happy I have yet to fathom !


… especially if from Thailand!

ooooopppps! missed the :ironicface:


Getting caught up in the panic buying hysteria, I’ve just bought…

erm, 1 bottle of this…

Is both a NZ Pinot Noir and a Rose. A new wine for me and I think it will be interesting; their Sauvignon Blanc gets rave reviews.


It is quite clearly NIT their Sauvignon Blanc… :wink:

Nevertheless a very interesting wine, well spotted!


Personally, I’m not a big fan of NZ SB but was intrigued enough by this wine, coupled with the reputation of the producer, to give this a try. Will post a review once I’ve tried it.


I’ve tried this last year . Interesting for sure , decent acidity , lovely nose and easy drinking :+1:


Yep their SB is great, would love to hear how you get on with this