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Time to Own up

OK time to own up… what have you been stock-piling?

I suspect the good folk of TWS forum haven’t got 13 bundles of 12-pack toilet rolls stuffed in the cupboard under the stairs, but I will confess to buying…

  • 2 packs of nurofen (more in case the gout comes back than any pesky virus), and
  • 5 pints of UHT milk for the kids cereal (i can’t stand the fuss if they have to eat porridge made with water).

What about you?


Well, I am really quite relieved, because the stockpiling of a particular product was beginning to worry me… but now I’m actually quite glad that I’ve overbought in the past year. And my stockpile is…

Wine, of course! Stuff the toilet roll panic, at least I won’t run dry!


My wife has stockpiled some brioche


Currently staying with my mother who also seems to be stockpiling brioche!


I’ve definitely seen advice that you should avoid taking anti-inflammatories at the moment as they affect your immune system. No idea if it’s a serious issue or social media hysteria, but I’d do a bit of research before taking nurofen if I was you

Meanwhile in Germany they are stocking up on sausage and cheese in preparation for the Wurst Käse scenario :rofl::rofl: (got that off Facebook just now and had to share it)


Worth a read… https://www.bbc.com/news/51929628

Personally, I’m cautious about taking medical advice from Facebook.

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Me too, and I was very clear that I don’t know if it’s a genuine issue but as the original poster talked about stock piling nurofen I thought they ought to know that it might be. Even the article you linked says they don’t really know and might be best avoided

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Advice to avoid neurofen / ibuprofen also issued by WHO. Still lots to understand, but no point taking unnecessary risks until there are firm conclusions


I have tried to stockpile lentils, but we only have 40g per per man, woman and child per day for 14 days. I don’t know if this will be sufficient to fumigate and sterilise the house or Corvus-19 adequately, so I might call for an emergency air drop from our neighbours.


Same here!
Managed to nip into the cellar showroom Saturday to get supplies from the Bin end offering, in the nick of time before closure this week.

I guess if things get really tough I will have to dip into collection of aged wine with a nearish drinking window!


My panic buying had consisted entirely of a Play Station 4. Will keep me and kids occupied for days on end and we can socialise on line with friends. I believe crisps are the only dietary requirement for the committed gamer so guess I’ll be buying 1000 bags today.


… and coke (as in cola)


Clearly following the Marie Antoinette advice! :+1::grinning:

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Yeah, we looked like nutters in the supermarket the other day, our trolley almost spilling over with stuff, but as a family of six it was more or less a normal shopping trip.

I guess we bought a bit more than usual, but even with cupboards and freezers full, it won’t take us long to get through it all if (when) we’re stuck inside for weeks on end. Stuff like toilet roll, pasta and rice were all gone anyway.

I remember, the morning after eating the wrong thing in Damascus, rushing into the youth hostel’s toilet only to find, too late, that the bogroll had run out. I really really didn’t want to sacrifice a sock, so I managed to field strip the cardboard inner. Like a Snowdonian artisan cutting a piece of slate, you can get a surprising number of very thin strips of functional material from one of those tubes.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that…


Is there a brioche shortage?!

I’m back off to Waitrose.


Netflix has been temporarily reinstated in our household…

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had delivery last week of 5 cases…

other than a few top-ups nothing really out of the ordinary - extra bag of pasta and rice, some canned soup (my son devours it for lunches and if he’s off school we will need it) and some part backed bread

we already have well stocked freezer and cupboards of staples as we cook from ingredients everyday - we had a quick stocktake (volume and BB dates) and can happily hole-up for a few weeks

wine - with one bottle per day we are good to easter 2022


No stockpiling in our house. We’re the stoic, stiff upper lip types.

Having said that, we got a (nearly) 17 year old girl, who - despite being very tall and slim - eats twice as much as me and the old man. We call her the honey badger for that reason, as you constantly hear her scrapping around the kitchen for stuff. So perhaps stoicism isn’t the way forward for this household…! :thinking: