Time to experiment with the size of champagne bottles!

Am I alone in wishing that the W/S would offer champagne and other sparkling wines in half-litre bottles?
A 75cl bottle is too much for most couples (well, it is if you are intending to move on to other wines with lunch or dinner), while a half bottle is too little.
I first suggested this a few years ago to a member of staff during a society tasting and received a look which was not not exactly encouraging.
I am hoping we have reached a tipping point over this issue. After all, we have got used to composite corks and screw-top bottles, so why not experiment with the size of champagne bottles?

That is an interesting idea! I’m not sure I drink Champagne frequently enough to warrant it for myself but can see where you’re coming from. I’ve just done a quick search but can’t see of any other producers/merchants that already offer this; do you know of any?

Apparently Pol Roger is preparing to reintroduce the traditional pint once the UK leaves the EU:

I seem to recall in Orwell’s 1984 that one of the proles was very keen on a proper pint (beer this time) because the officially authorised half litre was just slightly too small to be properly satisfying.

Hope I haven’t opened a can of Brexit-flavoured worms…!

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I’m no champagne buyer (professionally or personally) but as far as I know 50cl is not a standard size for the region. If producers aren’t making them, they can’t be sold, whether it is a good idea or not. Sadly.

Getting someone to create it would be astronomically expensive and risky, so probably not something The Society could entertain.

Have you seen many champagnes available in 50cl formats?

@Jonesy a pint of Champage?! Presumably not to be drunk as a pint although sometimes I do feel like a pint of wine would be just the thing of an evening! :beer::champagne:

Well not out of a pint glass I don’t suppose.

Denis Wheatley had a character in his Gregory Sallust books who regularly drank a pint of Champagne from a silver tankard…!

Back in the day, my colleagues and I would regularly venture to a nearby wine bar which sold port by the pint - usually to share, but on the odd occasion…!!!


A pint of Port sounds amazing :smiley: