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Time for a little more honesty!



Hi. This one arrived at our warehouse in 2013 (along with the other Rhône 2010 en primeur reds) and was last offered for sale in February 2014; we then kept the rest back to be able to offer it as a mature parcel (and at the same price :slight_smile: ). Sadly, I believe it’s all gone now but I do hope this assuages any concerns you might have had about it/the copy.

On a more general note, just wanted to thank everyone who’s been contributing to this thread - some fascinating stuff and I have been finding the feedback really useful.


But there is so much objectivity in “perfection” I think. I have very fortunately been keeping myself in an “aged to perfection” state for years now, but many people seem to consider me “past my peak” or even “getting old now”. As if!


I am drinking the 2002 Ch Malescases this evening with my roast lamb and for me it is a perfect match. The wine is smooth and ready to drink. Those who think that TWS were trying to offload an old wine past its best are mistaken. This seems to me to be a genuinely good offer. I bought half a dozen bottles intending to give my nephews a couple of bottles each for Christmas but I might rethink that idea now and keep them for myself!

Interesting to see the postings about Laithwaites. I was at university with Tony and Barbara back in the late sixties. Their original business, Bordeaux Direct was a really interesting idea when they genuinely bought small parcels of wine from small producers and sold through ‘garage sales’ from friends garages before expanding to their shop underneath the railway arches in Reading. It’s now big business of course and the original concept seems to have been lost and I find that TWS offers far better value. Sorry Tony!