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Three Wine Men event in London



I just booked my ticket for the Three Wine Men event in London in May (‘Let’s Get Fizzical’ - it brings back bad memories of Olivia Newton John’s awful video!). I booked the main event and the Masterclass.

Is anyone else from this lovely community planning to go? TWS will have a stand there too, I note! :+1: :grin:


I just looked it up and am very tempted! Weekday tasting events are more manageable for me than weekends.


It does sound fun! If you do end up going, and fancy saying hello, just send me a PM. But not Teresa May, please! :+1::wink:


She might be free in May, you never know! :wink:


See you there, as I’ll be pouring!


Excellent! :smiley::+1: I’ll come and say hello (and check the WS offering, goes without saying!!).


What’s your experience with other TWM events? I want to one less than 6 months ago and I was a bit disappointed.


This will be my first, so have no pre-conceptions. If it proves disappointing, at least there will be vast quantities of fizz I can console myself with :wink:

But seriously - have no idea what they are like. Just liked the sound of it - and liked the sound of the Master Class, too.


I’m eyeing up the one in Cardiff in October, as it’s around the time of my birthday and looks fun.


BTW, Someone in the community did have very good experience of it - and wrote about it to @Herbster (and even posted a nice photo of his partner with Oz Clarke). But I can’t remember for the life of me who it was…! :roll_eyes:


I had to search for the post to jog my memory! It was @Absolutebeginner:


That’s the one! :smiley::+1: