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Thoughts on language, reporting and community norms


Seems to me there is something of an over-reaction to one post with a funny quote containing swearing. I can’t recall seeing any other similar language in the forum and wouldn’t particularly expect to, but don’t think any form of censorship is needed.


Swearing is good for you. Official.




That says more about you Tom than about me!


Problem is: if not this, then something else, equally innocent, will injure the moany snowflakes: it’s a religion. Give them authority, they will make goose bumps illegal. But let’s be fair: the absolute fundamental human right is that everyone is entitled to have an opinion :slightly_smiling_face:


The other thing that strikes me, or perhaps I should say an other thing, is that if I recall correctly there is one person objecting and yet nobody else seems too bothered.
Will one objector over-ride all the not-bothereds I wonder?

I also have to question the “bad language is not needed” (or whatever the phrase was). This is a forum for people interested in wine. It doesn’t have much to do with “need” at all.


Think we should ask people to use the “blur” option. “Bad” language doesn’t bother me personally, but we should be sensitive to all WS members. Rudeness and various forms of prejudice are more of an issue on other forums, but glad to say Ive not noticed this here.


We are in the age of the perpetually offended, outside of this blog there is a whole industry inventing things that can cause offence,


Intrigued. Where can I see the post? I need a bit of humour on Friday night (to go with the Schlumberger gewurtztraminer).


Ha! It is linked right below the first post in this thread, or search for the Mothers Day thread


An example of the current nonsense in being offended was recently highlighted in Amateur Photographer when in the following issue to the one below a Professor and his wife complained about the cover referring it to “soft porn”.
In the same letters page there was another complaint about the graphic wildlife photo shown in an earlier edition showing a Rhino that had been poached and left with it’s horns cut off, the photo won an award for highlighting the poaching epidemic in Africa.
Fortunately the editorial staff of the magazine did not back down as so many do today in the face of one or two offended readers and stood by their showing of the images.
Are we at peak offended yet ?


I can’t get too excited about swearing (particularly in the context of humour) but appreciate some find it offensive so encouraging people to blur the word is probably a sensible middle ground to ensure the forum achieves the widest audience possible.

Given this is (broadly) a wine related forum, it shouldn’t be a regular problem in any case as describing wines using swear words is never informative - wines can be many things when they fail to life up to expectations; faulty, dull, poorly made, a victim of a poor vintage, simple, straightforward or of course just not to someones taste.


I was wondering if anyone here tried Mas del Perie - You fuck my wine before… https://www.cellartracker.com/wine.asp?iWine=1852333


Love the second review too, a perfectly phrased and delivered first sentence. That’s an example of when swearing is absolutely necessary.


Correction: it says something equally of both @Lucan and @tom

…and that’s the point. We are a community of individuals and therefore have varying degrees of sensibilities. Respect – which goes both ways – rather than censorship must be the order of the day. It’s a wine site, so presumably we’re all past school age. Parental rules (“no swearing!”) will turn at least as many people off as it will protect. With TWS trying to be more inclusive, that’s the last thing we should be doing.

And for a bit of instant feedback, the number of likes on the posts above seem to indicate a current community preference for judicious use of colourful language…