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Thoughts on boxed wine?


Hi all,

Just wanted to know everyone’s thoughts on boxed wine, last year we had a boxed Soave, we now have a Cotes du Rhone from Domaine Jaume:

I personally haven’t bought a boxed wine but it does make sense if you enjoy the wine as no oxygen is being introduced when you pour the wine unlike from a bottle.

I guess you would just have to know that the boxed wine you get is something you really enjoy owing to the quantity - unless its used for a party wine. I know quite a few boxed wines are usually at the cheaper end of the market, has anyone found any that are slightly more premium? Musar on tap anyone? :smiley:


I don’t have a problem with boxed wine per se! Unfortunately the majority we see in this country are not of good standard, think supermarkets etc…
I’m aware however, that in trade channels, they are much more popular as there is more choice available .Also better quality boxed wines are much more widely available in other markets, for example in Norway when you wander into a wine/liquor store the quality of boxed wines are much higher than what we have come to expect here.


Many years ago I bought some supermarket boxed wine for a party but haven’t been near it since. Now Musar on tap is another idea altogether :grinning:


We used to buy boxed wine from sainsburys quite regularly until my wife put a stop to it as she claimed she had no self control :laughing: I think they’re great for those times you just want a small glass but don’t want to open anything too fancy.

I’m tempted by that Jaume, it’s increasingly hard to justify (to my pregnant wife, not to me) opening a nice bottle all on my own :smiley:


I had the Soave boxed white we did last year and I was surprised by the quality. And it was so light! I’d love to say we tested how well it aged (the box said it would keep well for three months or so) but it was all gone in about a month!


I think your point about just wanting a small glass every now and then makes sense, although the wine won’t mature in bag (as its airtight) at least I know that the wine will taste the same from when it was first opened to whenever the wine is finished - tad cheaper than a Coravin!


“You can have it in any color you want, as long as it is black.” (Henry Ford)


Jaume, great stuff.

Five litres? Crikey. Okay, but I’ll definitely be burning myself on the barbeque at some point in the proceedings…


It’s great, both in terms of reduced packaging, reduced shipping costs and in longevity. Lots of good quality wine is making its way into bags, boxes and key kegs now, rather than just the cheap stuff.

Makes a huge amount of sense for the bar/restaurant trade too. There’s a number of places in London that are proudly offering a range of wines on tap/box now, see https://magpie-london.com/ and https://www.weinobib.co.uk/ for eg.


Im in favour of TWS stocking more quality boxed wines. Great for the odd midweek glass, BBQs, festivals and the like!


I think its only been recently when some of the better quality wines have been available in box which would be why we haven’t seen them for sale before from The Wine Society.


I would previously have been sceptical but a CDR from a good producer like that deserves a second look!


I had bad experiences with boxed wines in the past- then again, usually encountered them in parties/BBQs- and they were usually at the cheap end. However, last year - whilst visiting friends in Sweden- we had an amazing Zin in a bag, and then the following night a very good Chardonnay in a bag. Turns out, as @Leah mentions- that the Scandinavians love it (in fact, I think it makes up half of all the wines they purchase). So inspired by this, we recently bought a South African Sauv blanc in a bag from M&S. It was actually lovely- but we ended up using it mainly for cooking and/or the sneaky aperitif.
Perhaps it’s just a question of time, though, before these will become better and more acceptable to use as bottle are (and not just for picnics etc). The environment will thank us, for sure.


I’m happy to get boxed wine from a decent producer. As what everyone’s said it’s more convenient to have an odd glass.
I bought the Coffele Soave which was great value and more importantly tasted good.
I quite like Jaune’s Côte du Rhône and it works out at £6.45 per bottle as to £8.25 for a single bottle. Bargain!
I will be buying this.


It is ideal for cooking over the winter months when so many stews, casseroles, hotpots, etc feature. Both in the food and to facilitate the process.


I think it might just have some stigma attached to it from cheaper bulk wine, the format makes sense if you enjoy that wine from the producer to then have it on tap for either a taste or a glass.


I agree. It’s an image problems, perhaps related to years of cheap bulk wines sold this way. Not unlike convincing people that Riesling isn’t a sickly sweet thing… I do hope things change and reliable producers opt to use it more. It makes sense environmentally and good to use in various ways. I’ll definitely give TWS one a go!


I managed to get my dad onto Riesling, he now loves the stuff after always thinking it was sweet which is a bit of a result, as long as he stays away from my wine rack!


I made a calculation error
It turns out to be £6.45 per bottle
Even better :grinning::grinning:


I think it is about where it is placed in the market. Years ago you could get ‘wine lake’ stuff in 1l plastic bottles, and the box was a way of getting 3l at a unit cheaper price. Unfortunately that fed the ‘red or white’ brigade, rather than looking at varietal wines.
Once attended a fundraising cheese and wine party :tada:, yes I am very 80s…where great attention was paid to the cheeses, breads, savouries on offer and it was wine lake boxed red on offer…after all you have red wine with cheese don’t you?