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This years bad buy!


I buy from various sources and will pick up the odd bottle if it appeals, this was a Pinot Noir from the states an area that can provide decent reasonably priced versions of the grape, not this time, opened on my birthday and poured for friends, the look on all faces said the same and it swiftly went down the plughole, this below is the review I wrote.

Being currently unavailable is actually a godsend re this “wine”, I am always willing to try a cheaper Pinot Noir in the hope one will shine through and a few do.
I question if this is the same wine the buyer tasted ? it is frankly awful strange vegetable nose pale almost orange colour in bright light, thin almost bitter taste and no ripe fruit there at all, this is the worst wine I have had the displeasure to come across in years.
If by some misfortune this does come back in stock, avoid like the plague, this was served to four people and all gave the same sorry tale of how poor it was before all went down the gurgler.

Naturally it was instantly replaced with something decent which in this case was not difficult.

I am sure that others have had a disaster or two this year ?


Out of curiosity and given your description was it perhaps faulty? It occassionally happens (even with modern screw capped wines). This might account for the disparity between the buyers description and your experience. Either way, I am curious to know what the wine was?


The answer to that is no, and several other reviews I later saw said exactly the same thing, a bad batch maybe, there was no taint, corked smell or any discernible change in time and all others there said the same, it was simply awful.

In fairness, and with this wine I don’t want to be fair, the reviews were split about 50/50 so the bad batch or bottling would seem the obvious answer, the wine was a Pinot Noir from Oregon purchased on the spur of the moment as something new as I do with other untried wines.

It is strange that the years when corked wines were prevalent during the cork producers “greed” period the wines were generally pretty stable but now as commentators on here and elsewhere speak of bottle variation ever more frequently, especially with smaller vineyards, I could forward what my reasoning is for this as I have noticed the same, but perhaps others can forward there own views.


I am assuming (hoping) you got your money back with no issues.


After four glasses poured there was little left to return, it rarely happens these days and high days and holidays are when these wines are brought out and the disasters or disappointments occur, with the lineup I have tonight I shall be VERY disappointed if anything like that happens again LOL

Here’s part of it…_MG_1128-8-Edit