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This is what 50,000 litres of red wine looks like when it's not in a tank - video

We at Darling Cellars had a very traumatic incident on Tuesday, May 4th.

A wine tank holding 50,000 litres of wine collapsed when (we suspect) the stand keeping it upright caved in. In the process, it fell onto more tanks leading to a loss of some wine of the new vintage.

While the loss of wine is a financial reality we are glad that no one was injured in this incident. It could have been so much worse.

There is no immediate risk to the wine supply and we shall overcome this setback.

Thank you for all the calls of support, genuine concern, and interest in our business. We are humbled by all of your support.


The Darling Cellars Team

Darling Cellars is in Darling, part of the Swartland region on South Africa

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This is what I picture whenever I hear the phrase “wine lake”.

Joking aside that’s really sad.

You might like to correct the number in the topic subject line, Peter. I watched the video before I read the text in the post and thought it must be at least 5,000 litres!

Thanks, Steve

Silly mistake - one reads what was intended not what is actually there!!

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