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This is new?



Firstly Tyrell’s Crisps…on to Gin…now this. Must have a taste of the Rose currently on sale.
(Oh dear, off alcohol at the moment)


Website has no info. What am i looking at here?


Just clicked again.
That’s all that is there. I’m interested in the fact that a Herefordshire farmer who started then sold Tyrell’s Crisps has now moved into wine in Provence.


From wikipedia

Not tried the Gin but when the vodka was released it seemed to be mixed reviews.


I’ve tried their Amphorae red. A vin ordinaire.


I visited the distillery and ended up staying over an hour chatting to guy behind the counter (sampling all his wares).

The distillery started when whoever bought Tyrells decided not to purchase the potatoes from the original farm and the local suppliers. William Chase and his former suppliers now needed to do something with their acres and acres of potatoes!