This could take wine tasting to a new high!

Not quite yet but at a supermarket near you soon if this pans out, the descriptions for “on the nose” could be interesting !!!

That will make for a fun #twstaste!

It’d be a good opportunity for the Wine Society to make a fortune selling snacks to us :crazy_face:


Ah, so they’re finally cracking the conundrum of which wines match with video games and enormous bags of Doritos.

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And Hawkwind albums.

Alternatively, you could look to wines infused with Caffeine for another sort of ‘high’

Though I note that this one actually has lost even that potential selling point … so why bother??

“Inspired by a passion for coffee, our winemaker has crafted an infusion like never before. Blended with intrigue, this limited release red blend is infused with cold brew coffee. Apothic Brew contains less caffeine than a standard cup of decaf.Hitting shelves April 2018.”


Caffeine infused “wine” makes me think of this horror!


Became the go to drink of Celtic supporters in the seventies, their song went like this…

What do you get when you drink the wine?
A forty pound fine and a year’s probation
Your heid kicked in at the polis station
I…I…I’ll - never drink the wine again … a-a-ain
I’ll never drink the wine again

Known locally in Glasgow as a bottle of “Good mornin’ your honour” or wreck the hoose juice.