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Thirsty Thursday 5th July 2018


It’s the 70th birthday party for the NHS today as well as being thirsty Thursday. How are you celebrating this lovely day?
I have second daughter returning from a few months of travelling through Asia tonight. We will be having these with a variety of fishy accompaniments.


Happy birthday NHS! May you never cease to exist! :gift_heart:
We’re celebrating with a lunch at TWS. Nice to be in Stevenage finally (never thought I’d feel this way about a town in Hertfordshire!) :grin:
I believe the aperitif will be the gorgeous Hambeldon, and the wine with the starter is the Corse Calvi, the only one Simon and myself missed at the press tasting - so looking forward to trying it:

This one with the cheese course:

…but can’t remember the other ones :grinning:
Happy Thursday one and all! :wine_glass::+1:


The only reason anyone says this is for TWS :joy:


With a cup of tea for the 7tea party. Practice is hosting a 1940s tea dance.


I’ll be soaking up the sun at Lords this evening swigging a bottle of this

The Scharzhofberg is the coolest site in the Saar so lets hope it can help cool me down in what’s supposed to be 27 degrees at 7pm! I believe my colleague will be bringing this along as well

Happy Thursday, all!


To celebrate NHS 70 (not at work though) as well as my wife’s 30th birthday we’re having a couple of nice wines this eve. Obligatory Camel Valley fizz (not tried the 2015 yet) and what promises to be a belter of a Syrah from Te Mata - The Bullnose !


I had the same vintage of the Bullnose a few months ago. iIt is quite unique, not in a bad way, long decant I think.


Well well! Knew it was this month, didn’t know it was today. The other half’s also one of them there wonderful medicine people, so we really ought to raise a glass to Nye Bevan when she gets back from her eight-hour half day later on…!


I was the project manager on the team that created this online library of medical research findings funded by the NHS. Attended the lauunch party then retired in 2015! It is an amazing resource for evidence based medicine.


Thanks for the tip. I’ve heard it’s young. It’s so hot here that it’s in the fridge at the moment and I plan to take it out and decant about 2 hours before and hopefully it doesn’t get to warm


I’ve had a quick nose round the site, it looks excellent :sunglasses:


I’ve written better structured sentences in my time, for sure :flushed:


@DrEm, its not true unless you post a photo of your outfit :sweat_smile:


Well, lunch was an absolute success! Delicious food, not to mention awesome wine! :wine_glass::+1:
The ‘winner’- judging by the popular vote- was this lovely Montbazillac:

Which went perfectly with a strawberry tart in lavender and honey cream (there are worse ways to spend a Thursday afternoon!)… For me, the two wines that really shone were the Corse Calvi rose and the Hambeldon cuvee prestige. Yum! Mind you, the Etna Bianco was a lovely surprise too…

It was great to see @Ewan again, and to finally meet @laura and @Tim_S! It’s been a wonderful afternoon! :grin::+1::wine_glass:


Gald to hear good things about the Etna Bianco, I was looking at it the other day and wondering if I should add it. Thanks @Inbar, I’ll add it to the next order.


I had the privilege of going to the Westminster Abbey service for the NHS 70th birthday this morning - TWS exhibition Chablis as a toast to the many family and friends whose contribution ought to be recognised.


I would definitely recommend it, @Leah! It went really well with the main - which was a Sicilian style beef, and although many people preferred the red option, I thought the Etna Bianco complemented it beautifully! :+1:


Not a phrase you hear too often! I work round the corner, if I’d known you were coming in I would’ve popped in to say hi :smile:

Anyway, fish is on the menu tonight so this has just gone in the fridge for a quick chill down…

When it’s 31C outside, something “as crisp as a Pyrenean mountain stream” sounds perfect. Just need to decide whether to drink it or bathe in it!


Soft drinks with dinner and then this as a treat afterwards, looking forward to this as I love Dönnhoff, as well as other Nahe wines, but this particular vineyard is a new one to me:


Oh, would have been lovely to have seen you, @Alchemist! We actually did mention you as someone who pops in to buy wine from the showroom from time to time! :grin: that showroom is just too tempting!! Not to mention the pleasures to be had using the enomatic…! :wine_glass::wink: