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Thirsty Thursday 26th April 2018


As I didn’t partake in #WineWednesday yesterday, I decided I would FINALLY try this on the recommendation of @tom. I’ve had it for AGES. So tonight’s the night once the kids are down to see if it will be the easy drinking summer wine I’m hoping it will be.
What’s everyone else eating and drinking tonight??


Hope you like it! I could do with a glass here, but wine is super expensive in Rwanda so beer it is for me :smiley:


Ooh, I’ve only had that a couple of times but I absolutely loved it! Are you having it with food?

We’ll be finishing off the vermentino from last night, tonight with a simple dinner of quick-fried prawns and creamy butter beans. :heart_eyes: Hope it’s as good a match as the pesto pasta last night!


The magic question ? :rofl:, I’m a nightmare for not cooking for myself when the OH is offshore , I think there may be some salmon in the fridge , is there’s not , it will be on its own :+1:


It’s just not the same as cooking for others, is it. If Madame Herbster is eating out at an evening meeting, I just defrost a tub of mystery food from the back of the freezer and cross my fingers :crossed_fingers:


Leah. That Marsanne-Viognier to me is one of the best-value wines we sell. My other half threw a big birthday do last year and that was the wine we served. I felt a bit of a cheapskate at the time but it went down a storm.

Me? I’ve had a bottle of this in the fridge for a couple of days and I don’t think I’ll be able to resist it much longer:

Aged Muscadet? Who knew? I’m rather excited…


It is Mr Jaykay’s birthday today so we are heading into town (Southampton) for dinner at an Italian ‘tapas’ resto which seems to have good reviews and, they claim, reasonably priced wines. I feel a couple of glasses of Prosecco and then red Italian wine will do the job nicely. Will report back if the wine is sensational and reasonable - don’t wait up!


We tasted this in my WSET class today and I got to take the remaining half a bottle home so will split it over tonight and tomorrow :blush:


Had a friend down from London for a visit, so we were ‘ladies who lunch’ for most of the day. Two peach bellinis later, we put the world to rights. Sort of! No more alcohol now till Saturday… :neutral_face:


I LOVE Muscadet!!! One of the most underrated wines of the world imho…! Looks great! I still have a stack of assorted ones I brought back from the Loire last summer. Already looking forward to this years trip :wink:!
Also WOW this Marsanne/Viognier is much MUCH better than I thought it would be!! I feel a large order going in for easy quaffable summer drinking. What a great price!
Thanks @tom and @Paul_Trelford
@Herbster, we also play freezer roulette in this house! The kids hate it…:rofl::joy:


My first Cornas. Lovely on the nose tar and black fruits, less so on the palate yet, but may need time. Gorgeous.


I tried this tonight, with minced beef and new potatoes, and some very ripe, runny, pungent Brie. It was very enjoyable, and I’ll be ordering more, great value too.


@ChrisB I got two bottles of that in my last delivery - really looking forward to trying it.

With the pasta, we finished off what was left of our final bottle of 2013 Society’s Sicilian Reserve Red and then tucked into this in front of the telly:

Wow. Among other things, this had me dusting off descriptors I seldom - if ever - use, like ‘Turkish delight’ and ‘blood orange’. Really impressed, glad I went for a few of these.

My mum also popped round for a little while and finished off the last inch or so of gin that we had, so now our recycling bin looks like we got through two bottles of wine and a litre of gin on a Thursday evening :crazy_face: :open_mouth: :expressionless:

Weekend Drinking Thread [27 April 2018]

Aye right @Herbster
I’m sure my neighbours think the same when they look into our recycling :wink:
Also need to drink some of these Greek wines that everyone is raving about.
Another one for the basket :+1:


Non alcoholic cocktails with dinner and finished with several infusions over a pot of Oolong. Went out to a place with a friend in London that doesn’t serve alcohol.

Might be useful for @sophie21188 and this thread.



Update on the wine front. We thoroughly enjoyed a bottle of Barbanera’s Duca di Saragnano Rossi di Montepulciano. A Tuscan wine that was silky smooth and tasted of cherries. At £26 I don’t think it was a bargain and probably about an average restaurant mark up.


It was delicious. Muscadet for me is usually the liquid essence of the phrase ‘less is more’. But not this one. It’s recognisably Muscadet in its low-alc, high acidity, citric freshness but much more of a complex and full-bodied proposition than most. It washed down brilliantly the fish and chips we were having but the wine perhaps deserves something a bit posher next time.
I’ve never been to that part of the Loire. I hear the seafood is out of this world.

I’ve got the bug now. Any recommendations @Leah or anyone else for other Muscadets to try?


I love this one, though drank it only a couple times:


I recently had La Roche Blanche Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur Lie, Domaine des Herbauges, the 2016 and can whole-heartedly recommend complexity from lees ageing evident and cheap as chips. Also, Muscadet does age, I am quite intrigued to try the one that you, @Paul_Trelford, mentioned.


I’m having this one tomorrow, its a lovely lovely Muscadet but a bit on the pricey side for Muscadet.
Le Pallet which is one of the crus of sevre et maine (along with Clisson and Gorges) is wonderful, I purchased some last year from Majestic but its currently only showing up in the Calais store. If you can get your hands on some let me know from where…:joy:

Another notable Muscadet is this one :slight_smile:


Just a note on Sur lees ageing, the three crus of Muscadet have minimum ageing of between 17 months (Le Pallet) and 24 months (Gorges and Clisson, with Gorges up to 40 months).
They are hand harvested and have much lower yields than Muscadet sevre et Maine, they may not put “sur lie” on their labels. This is because wine labelled this way must be bottled between the 1st of April and 30th of November the year after harvest.

Hope this helps :wink: