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Thirsty Thursday [21st June 2018]


So, having avoided any wine or booze since our EPIC BBQ on Sunday, tonight I’m drinking some of what didn’t get drunk on Sunday. There’s not a lot left to be fair. My friends must clearly have gone home well inebriated by the volume I had left. The 5 ltr of this is nearly gone and I only had one glass of it… As far as I could tell there was only one other person drinking it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Other friends really really enjoyed this :slight_smile:

So much so… My fridge was relived of an unopened btl to take round to one of their parents house. Cheers youre welcome.
The other one that went down well was this:

I have 2 bottles left out of 6 of these so I will be having a little of this later.
Anyone else having a tipple tonight?? I mean its almost the weekend isn’t it???


After 3 dry days we are celebrating the solstice with:

Very nice, like a more delicate Champagne, not as concentrated as Nytimber but good fizz for the money!

Secondly some Aussie Chardonnay (unusual foray into the new world). Have enjoyed previous vintages of this and rate Bleasdale wines for their value. The Frank Potts red was a favourite in my Oddbins shop working days.


No-booze day today, but thoroughly enjoyed a Cobra 0% with some Goan veggie curry. I think it’s one of the nicest alcohol free beers.
Tomorrow is another story! :wink:


Some weeks it’s just too difficult to keep up with the days. I’ve just posted tonight’s drinking on yesterday’s page… hey ho.:exploding_head::older_man:t2:


Indeed! Perhaps we should just have a Wine Week thread :grin:


An additional one you mean, for those who do not know what day it is? :stuck_out_tongue:


Drinking this tonight…

Really very good - I don’t typically drink a great deal of Italian red wine, but this could easily convert me to what I suspect could be a long and expensive hobby. It has a profound violet perfume on the nose with cherry and red fruits. Also, elements of liquorice - all together great complexity before a drop had touched my lips. It’s a wine you could easily just sit and enjoy the aroma! On the palate there are the same red fruit and liquorice elements with light-moderate tannins. Very drinkable :wine_glass:


There is plenty of good Nebbiolo outside Barolo and Barbaresco, without the sometimes steep prices and long wait for the perfect time to drink (I’m still on my 1999 Conterno’s). That’s straight on my wishlist!


Not long back from work and after a run I’m having a few glasses of this

A great glugger :+1:


Wowee, quite the party! And with friends like those…

Pinched a glass of what was open in the fridge

Almost like a subtle Sauvignon Blanc on the nose. None of the anticipated petrol but it has been open a day. Palate is clean, quite peachy actually, with the usual acidic finish. Nice


I normally don’t drink between Monday to Wednesday so Thursday is the start of my long wine weekend. I have opened

which I got as a bin end item a few weeks back. First glass was a bit of an unusual taste but second and third glasses much better…

Will probably open up

for the remainder of the weekend - a favourite of mine and very easy drinking


That sounds like a kick-ass barbecue you had there @Leah!

So yesterday we propped up the barzebo with this in the afternoon/evening:

It’s … … … okay. :man_shrugging: It met my low expectations of a sub-£6 Central Valley chardonnay and was at its apples-and-pears best when very cold, becoming a bit blah as it warmed up in the glass.

After that, and once back inside and on the sofa, we moved on to the continuing story of Côtes-du-Rhône:

It’ll be sad when we finally say goodbye to it - it’s become a proper member of the household these past few weeks.


For me I think it’s time to get another box @Herbster


I think I’ll be joining you gentlemen in that @JReed, @Herbster :grimacing::grin::+1:


I just don’t get this wine. We’ve tried it several times, not least because it often features in promotions, and it’s on the list of 2018 Wine Champions. ‘Fresh, round and fruity’? I don’t think so.
I agree [with Jancis Robinson] that it’s ‘a bit ordinary and slightly astringent’.