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Thirsty Thursday [17th May 2018]


It’s Thursday, I’m thirsty so have already opened this:

Anyone else not partake in #winewednesday and having a tipple tonight?


Still dry. Just finished a cheeky little Pepsi max. I think I’ll only survive the weekend by avoiding these community pages!


Yes. That looks very refreshing Leah. I like Alsace Pinot Blanc. I have none in stock. I am now jealous…

I think we may be on a Chianti tonight for a family wake. And maybe a Chablis for the white drinkers. Billaud for choice. Haven’t looked yet.


Glorious sunshine here but not warm enough for Rose (and we drank it all over Bank Holiday too). A Porcini and artichoke risotto for its debut performance in our house so hope its the right choice.


Porcini and artichoke would be a challenge for most wines! The former sounds good for this wine, the latter might overwhelm it a bit? Let us know!


The artichoke is dried, like the Porcini and in small quantity, so hopefully not overwhelming - fingers crossed


Can you post a picture when its done? Would love to see it? Thanks


Planning on opening a Po de Poeira (Douro) white soon to catch the sun outside - it is warm enough here for that. But hope to post a note on it in due course.


I’m making loads coz we’ve got lots of friends coming over for the weekend and I’m going to do a cross between a scotch egg and arancini balls using the risotto like sausage meat. I’ve got some Capocollo to wrap the egg in too. Its the Royal Wedding, so snacks will be needed to see it through. Coronation Chicken a la mode too… Maybe a new thread needed


My babies have just arrived…!! :grin::+1:

Alas, a dry night tonight, though, as got clinical supervision this evening. Enjoy your wines!! :+1::wink:


some yummy Alsations there.


@DrEm yes start one please, a royal wedding themed thread :} Maybe we could have a live commentary as we did for the Eurovision.


Not sure I’ll be watching the great day as there are 4 large dogs with the visitors which will need a long walk somewhere and back. The “in time commentary”, which for the Eurovision was hilarious, may need to be fronted by someone committed to the TV (or indeed on the front line in Windsor)… anyone local to the big castle on the hill?


A long walk with 4 large dogs - possibly involving a refreshment stop- sounds very attractive…


With a few other (grown up) boys and perhaps a load of snacks too… maybe not such a long walk after all… I’ll get the rucksack out


Having a couple of lovely Rieslings tonight after 3 dry evenings.

A bit expensive for a Thursday night but nice sat in the sunshine!


I’ve got an evening ahead of me fiddling with my new personal music player which I hope to be able to get up and running. Decided I might need wine, for strength.

This is looking like it might end up open shortly. Can’t remember when or why I bought it, and a search here didn’t bring anything up? First time in a while that I’m opening something I’m unfamiliar with that wasn’t a Community recommendation! :hushed:


interesting @danchaq - I don’t recall that being shared before either so must have been something else that prompted you to buy it - I don’t even think I’ve seen that before

I’ve finally taken my first drink of my En Rama - WAYYYY too cold at first, but it really opened up to be crisp and delicious, but it still feels rather tight so will leave it to try over the next few days

Instead I’ve got myself a bottle of this because it relates to something that happened today, and because I love it.


Just about sunny enough for this

Crisp and nettley, softened by a bit of red fruit. Really lovely, in a different way to a Mediterranean pink.


Oh, is this from the recent Franken Frankenstein’s mixed case?