Thirsty Thursday [12th July 2018]

Having missed the TWS Taste last night I thought I would open another community favourite tonight. My first try of this…

Definitely lives up to the positive reviews I’ve read here, and great value for money!


That’s on my list to try, I’ve heard good things!

Had a Tim Adams Clare Valley Riesling with Mum and Sister this evening. Ever drinkable, ever dependable. Less petrol on the 2017 than other vintages. Then finished with a glass of Cono Sur Riserva Especial Riesling. Hadn’t tried a Chilean Riesling before. A touch less dry (by my taste) than the Tim Adams. Quite tangy and zippy


We were out eating with the girl the evening, in one of our favourite country pubs. Husband stuck to his beloved Harvey’s, and I started with a very refreshing Brighton Gin:

Followed by a slightly disappointing Albariño. Can’t remember the name, but there was no point in memorising it either!
Lovely evening out, nonetheless. Can’t believe it’s nearly the weekend again! :sunglasses::wine_glass:


Last day of paternity leave so finished this:

From a mixed case from the 2014 EP. Rich and fat, a bit flabby maybe but enjoyed it very much.


I started the evening with a little curiosity I found in Tesco - Changyu Moser XV Cabernet Sauvignon 2015.

Clearance price of £6.99 down from £8.50. Unoaked. It had what I guess could generously be called a traditional cool-climate cabernet nose - distant, dry blackcurrants with some leafiness and bell pepper. Not overtly fruity. Not overtly interesting, for that matter, but that turned out to be the least of my problems.

On the palate … well well: a sudden, intrusive sharpness and then something shockingly soapy. A mouthful of soap.

This quickly developed into full-on budget laundry detergent, and gave the whole experience a distinctly emetic quality.

This is a truly gory wine, genuinely unpleasant to drink. Even after vowing never to take another sip (after two sips), it lingered spitefully in the oesophagus, like my insides were slowly recovering from a full-on attack on the cell walls.

Only one thing for it:

By way of apology to my mind, body and soul, I followed up with a Moorooduc Estate Pinot Noir 2012. The initially muted nose had me a little worried that the heatwave had killed an entire garage-load of wine, but it opened out nicely with lots of ripe pinot fruit, a bit of rhubarb tartness and nicely integrated oak. Phew.



@Rowley_Birkin_II’s put down of Moser XV 2015 from December stuck with me:

The good news is you don’t need to buy this wine to get the experience. Add 6 measures of Ribena to a bordeaux bottle, 4 of spirit (thinners or similar), fill bottle to the shoulder with clean water and finish with cranberry juice to the neck. Shake and serve. Possibly the worst wine (with no obvious fault!) that I’ve ever tasted. Very disappointed, I really wanted it to be at least competent.


Ha ha, that’s spot on! I should have done a search for it before submitting my own review.

It really took me aback: bottom shelf three-for-a-tenner stuff isn’t nearly as bad as this wine. Didn’t know it was possible to make something so actively grotty and poisonous tasting.


Yikes, @Herbster! Quite an experience… And emesis is definitely not what one wants from a wine :grimacing:
What I find interesting is the ‘why’. Doesn’t sound like you thought the wine was faulty, so is it that it was badly made? Is it that the Chinese are still learning the art of wine-making? Was the wine badly stored in the shop? Who knows. But at least you gave it a go, I suppose!

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Last night (Thursday), long time favourite

with Penne Puttanesca and salad

Lovel combination


Oh yes, and we finished the last dregs of this last night:

It lasted about five weeks in all and fair play, it held out well, especially considering it accidentally spent a few days last week sitting in the utility room with a good few hours of heatwave sunlight soaking into the blackly coloured box each afternoon. The final glass still tasted like a young Côtes-du-Rhône, despite everything, so well done to it! :trophy:


I’m just about to take my 2nd box on holiday. I doubt it will last for 5 weeks!