They Didn't Like It…

Struggling to see the benefit or interest in leaving reviews complaining the wine is out of stock.

Also why does a wine being out of stock and unable to order get 2 stars? What needs to go wrong to get a 1 star review?


I don’t know why 2 stars, but you can’t leave a comment without any stars so perhaps 2 is not completely unreasonable. I guess people are pretty irritated to get notice of something which is almost instantly or already unavailable, and just want to register their annoyance publicly somehow. This is the only convenient way to do so.


It’s not an appropriate forum to raise that complaint, and the stupid requirement to give a star rating means that it just distorts the average which doesn’t help anyone.

I’ve given up trying to review wines since the website changed…have submitted a few none of which have worked. I prefer to listen to folk on here anyway, plus some on Cellartracker, but only some!


It must have got better as he gave it 4 stars despite the acridity!

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