They Didn't Like It…

Yes indeed @CCouzens . The proposed design includes both. I’m sorry I can’t give you a concrete timeline, but I can definitely confirm they’re not forgotten.

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I’m not sure whether the whitespace in this is some sort of abstract art form of protest…


On the recent release of the Siglo Vino de Autor, Rioja 2001 (which, in fairness, has not enjoyed rave reviews all round - see the For the Discussion of Rioja thread), but you do wonder why this individual is even a member of the society…

" On the basis of a wonderful 2004 Rioja I once had, I chanced this - breaking my usual rule that if a Wine Society wine doesn’t have a consensus of 90 points from independent tasters, avoid. This one is worth about £4 a bottle, with a score of 75: acidic with no fruit. “A gran reserva in all but name”: what a total lie. I’ve also been buying en primeur for two decades and 9 out 10 are rubbish - never believe their write ups. I think I just bought my last bottle from these frauds."

I think I’ll keep my faith in Pierre, thank you very much…


Wow, all the reviews are bad but this is bizarre.

Buying EP for 2 decades, if 90% are bad I’d happily help take the wines off the individual’s hands.

Also having to find 4 tasters scores before buying a wine seems like hard work. I’d rather use my judgement based on what I like or be adventurous to discover something new, and have the society promise available if the wine is terrible.


Wow!! That’s terrible and no need AT ALL!
I don’t know why people don’t just contact member services to resolve their issues over wine’s purchased rather than air their grievances in public .
A few years back quite a number of us had issues with vina Pedrosa, they were collected, returned and refunded . That was the end of it and I don’t recall anyone slagging TWS off publicly like this .
There’s just no need .


I have to question the judgement of a person who has “been buying en primeur for two decades and 9 out 10 are rubbish” and keeps on doing so! Makes me wonder if they have all been Bordeaux and they’ve been drinking them the minute they’ve arrived. Quite frankly it sounds like this person simply doesn’t like wine!


I think that review is what I call ‘hyperbole alert’ but in fairness, the general response is pretty negative and for sure, once you get 4 or 5 negative posts, it would put me off buying the wine.

I guess it is inevitable that occasionally, what might please a particular buyer is just not something that pleases the public. The only other possible reason is the buyer has tasted a bottle that is of different quality, whether storage or something else, from that offered to the members. I hope at the least the buyer has pulled one from stock to check.

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Quite. What’s that quote about the definition of insanity?


Is that the one about keeping buying red burgundy and being disappointed? (to be fair probably more one for some years ago) Or Mas de Daumas Gaussac 2006? Kept opening it hoping it would get better…it did eventually, on the last bottle!


On the last bottle or because it was the last bottle? cf. this classic: Statler and Waldorf Just when you think, End of a Show - YouTube

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Don’t remember seeing this on this thread but thought it was a beauty so had to share…

Anyone want to own up to writing this?
Gave me a laugh.


At least he got some use out of it, unlike the usual dissatisfied sign off involving the words pour, sink and down. Which I would do if the wine was corked, to be fair, though having read this post I could save it for fly traps. A useful post!


Hopefully the second one didn’t ultimately end up in the sangria jug too! At least the fruit flies died happy!


No-one likes this:


I enjoyed the reference to a popular confectionary in the latest review here.

I enjoyed it …. No complaints

Dodgy vintage maybe? The 2020 gets decent reviews.

Ah I didn’t notice the vintage change … I’m steering clear of anything 21 lol

Interesting, I’ve not tried the 2021 but definitely have had the Cuvée des Ambassades from previous vintages (strangely none show up in my purchasing history?)

From memory it was ‘very French’ in style… by which I mean it wasnt a modern international / semi new-world style, but was an old fashioned lunchtime Bistrot Beaujolais which definitely needed food, having the acidity to cut through a fatty dish. Combined with an unripe year, this may have proved too much for some customers?

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