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They Didn't Like It…


“I’d sooner be able to give an honest, negative review, so long as it explains my reasons for not liking the wine, without being given a refund.”

Yes, absolutely agree with the latter point, and fear that the first point is the possibly unintended consequence of almost pushing the refund on people who are not asking for it. It’s great that the no-quibble refund is available when needed, but it’s also good that members can give honest reviews without “fear of the consequences”. I realise this isn’t exactly the appropriate phrase for receiving a refund, but it almost seems like that.


If you want to see some funny ones take a look here…

(It seems to have closed down. I wonder why…)



Indeed. Actually it wasn’t even that bad a review, and it was a 2 star not a 1 star because I could imagine others might prefer the leaner style of the wine. That partly explained my amazement at then receiving an email from member services.

Still, as I said elsewhere, I’d much sooner have ‘over the top’ customer service than the mediocrity at best we mostly get elsewhere nowadays…

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Hi all. Just to offer some reassurance: we don’t automatically credit members who write a review having been disappointed by a wine (at any price). In the case of the wine above, the member had requested a credit and Joe was acknowledging it. I wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from writing a disappointed review - we certainly won’t force a refund on you BUT we’ll very gladly offer one. It’s an important part of what The Society offers. Please do keep on reviewing - reviews matter to other members and the information is very valuable to the team in Stevenage too.


I don’t mind, indeed like negative reviews of the wine where appropriate, but bad review for service issues or anything not to do with the wine are not acceptable in my opinion. They just reduce the average score and discourage purchasing by members when the wine may be great in itself. The compliant should be directed to customer services.”
Could a no rating button be installed so members could record their comments on service without rating the wine?


Looking like something that hasn’t been thought through. One of these ‘quick wins’ for Marketing that could just backfire…

I managed once to get two account credits from Virgin Wine for the same bottle of wine - I complained, and then at a later date I was asked for a review of the wine and repeated the complaint.

Fortunately I managed to avoid the moral dilema of whether I should use the second credit, because by then I had decided their range of wines was so poor I did not want to order another case anyway.


I just took a look out of curiosity (I’ve never used them but seem to remember thinking when I got one of those random vouchers that it looked OK). It’s a bit bizarre - most of it has nothing I’d be interested in but the German selection (and sherries) looks excellent, though not especially well priced.

My experience was many year ago, about 20 I guess, not that long after they had started, so everything will have changed since then. In fact the only constant has probably been the Virgin branding.

A really value-adding review on this Cantemerle case.

(sorely tempted by the case, but that’s for another thread)


Bizarre. It is of course possible that TWS corrected their blurb on reading the review. If so, adding an editorial comment to the review would IMO be the correct thing for TWS to do.


An incredible review :joy:

Brazin Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel 2019

I do not pretend to have a refined palate, it is best described as feral. I found this wine weird and undrinkable. I could not work out what the strong taste was. It finally came to me: it tastes of over-smoked kippers. Now I have nothing against kippers. I always have one on my birthday, though my wife insists that I cook it in the garden, but wine marinated in kippers is a definite no no.


Hi Rachael - any chance of these reviews being displayed in a single tab / webpage in date order (like it used to) ?


Hello there - this is definitely still on the website list. We have the design work completed and expect the development work to be complete in the first half of 2023. Member feedback has been loud and clear that this page is missed.

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There was another one I saw recently (can’t remember which wine) where the review gave the wine one star because it was out of stock but due back in. That’s really going to help sales when it comes back!


This may have been the intention, to make sure no one else buys it before they can get in there, but maybe I am being cynical!

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Perhaps wants to ensure they remain in stock in future!

Another thing that needs tidying up is reviews that are clearly in the wrong place. For example a white I was looking at recently with a review “This is one of the best reds…”. I wonder if reviews get moved around somehow or if people just accidently attach them to the wrong wine.

The thought comes to mind that perhaps some resources could be moved from email marketing to tidying up the reviews!!


Maybe this is a follow through to some of the picking cock ups outlined in the ‘shortfall in order’ thread :rofl:

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Ah, is this the practical side of catastrophe theory?

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Thanks @RachF - I hope that this page will sit next to collated press reviews, and that they’ll both be a bit more accessible than on the old website.