They Didn't Like It…

Well, I’ll review your review of the review, and give it 4 stars. Good use of eyeroll emoji.


Perhaps if I went with my first choice (the Munch :scream:) it would have pushed it to five stars…?

Maybe 4.5. You really need a Sister Michael eyeroll GIF to get 5 stars nowadays.


Which makes me wonder why they didn’t ask for a report.

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I agree they should be consistent. I think they should not auto apply the Promise or comment on reviews.


I agree…. Can of worms :bug:


Looking at the dates, maybe the first one was not in line with process, staff member was made aware and then second one is following the process.

Alternatively, first one may have submitted a report seperately as well which the staff member saw before replying to the review.

Can’t help wondering whether the different response was due to the different prices of the wines involved. But I agree the members’ reviews “space” should be just for members’ reviews. It’s not the place for communication with a member directly.

I think the question of being able to dislike a wine, or review negatively, without being almost pressed to have a refund has come up before. Inevitably not every wine will appeal to every drinker: that doesn’t mean a refund is always needed.

From the review I’d say “corked”.

Quite. In which case they will have received a voucher code for the value of the wine as well as a credit on the account…

But wouldn’t it be entertaining to have some robust responses, like those you see now and again on TripAdvisor:

“You clearly don’t appreciate fine wine.”

“What do you expect for £6.50?”

“If you will drink Barolo from a Paris goblet.”

“Of course it’s sweet, it’s an Auslese.”

On reflection, maybe not.


Could get very funny, very quickly … :laughing:

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Reminds me of the mythical service desk helper for a major computer software firm who told a customer to take the pc back because they were too stupid to own it - or words to that effect.

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Try switching off ‘enhanced tracker prevention’ - its the little shield next to the website address. Leastways, that works for me with firefox.


Interesting I have that turned on (standard settings) on Firefox but can still view all the reviews.

I think these responses have been on there for quite a while, pretty much for while I’ve been a member (granted that is not much more than a couple of years). As far as I’ve seen, they are limited to simply following up with an apology and offer to refund.

As Andy said above, they have also clearly kept an eye on reviews to contact unhappy customers. I posted a negative review a while back on a Cote de Bourg, Passedieu from recollection, and I got an email from TWS apologising and crediting my account. Not sure if I was more put off by the surveillance or impressed with the unprecedented customer service response. Either way, I said my review was merely a personal one that didn’t require a refund- the wine was not faulty just not to my taste- but there weren’t moving on the refund. Since then I’ve avoided giving negative reviews.

Fair’s fair though, when I had a much more expensive bottle that was faulty, a Warwick Trilogy 2013, they refunded no questions asked, even though it was still drinkable, or so my guests thought, just that I am especially sensitive to corked wine. It certainly impaired my enjoyment, the most annoying thing being it wasn’t so bad as to mask the obviously high quality juice I might otherwise have been enjoying…

I’m not sure I would describe responding to a 1 star review as surveillance. I’d imagine there are alerts set up when this happens rather than a blanket approach.

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A shame such alerts are not also available to members. The aggregated reviews list used to serve that function, as did this thread…


It was meant somewhat tongue in cheek. It is surveillance of a kind, but in a nice way and actually led me to give a stellar review for TWS on trustpilot because that sort of customer focus is all too rare nowadays.

That said, I’d sooner be able to give an honest, negative review, so long as it explains my reasons for not liking the wine, without being given a refund. There are times, almost always some sort of bottle fault, where I’d sooner have credits in reserve for.

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Yep, shame that has gone missing.