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They Didn't Like It…

God, it must suck to live with wine geeks like us. Imagine your other half is in charge of buying, say, chocolate, but they only ever seem to buy the ones that taste downright weird, like the cocoa’s gone off or something, when all your want is a good old Dairy Milk or Galaxy.


Not only that, I came home early from shopping the other day. I bust her bundling in another case of 100% cocoa chocolate into the garage! So much bittery tannic grip, I wonder why she bothers. Its the 5th delivery this month and she’s given it up for January!


“…all I want is a sodding Wispa!”



Surely Boris and Andy are a four-ball pair? Or is one of them short on the anatomy side of things???


Curious review here
The description is quite clear:
A thoroughly modern expression of red Vinho Verde from Portugal, light and fruity after a very short fermentation on the skins to produce a wine low in extract, with herb-scented silky red fruit and fresh finish.

The One star review states how the wine is like Beaujolais - fruity and light; but she prefers darker, fuller-bodied wines.

Obviously that’s her opinion on the wine, so I don’t have an issue with the review. I just can’t imagine it could be a surprise. She knows what she likes, which is very different to how it is sold.


I think ‘curious’ is quite a polite way of putting it - I could think of several other ways I would describe! Some people really are… challenging :slight_smile:


I did the following review mostly as a response. Its a light and crunchy red with spritz, not a big red!


My first thought was whether it could’ve been in a mixed case, perhaps a discovery case?


Yeah, something like that makes sense. That or an organised tasting. One of the other Portuguese reds I ordered also received a one star review (for being too tannic, so I’m in for a real rollercoaster ride!) that appeared to have been part of an online tasting.


Obviously I can’t see reviews on my phone so can’t be sure now.

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The off point for me with this is the one star; if something didn’t suit me I might be inclined to opine similarly, and confess I didn’t realise what I was getting but I’d try to be objective about the overall quality (and reflect that in my comment).

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Apologies, badly judged humour on my part.

Didn’t quite know where to post this but have discovered that one of my talented work colleague has recorded a 10 part podcast about discovering how to enjoy wine by learning how to navigate the wine list. They picked all the wines they discussed from TWS so I thought someone might be interested (let me know if there are other threads that would be a better fit for this).


This made me smile “A palpable hit with members and outstanding value for money.” Doesn’t quite tally with the Member’s reviews!