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They Didn't Like It…

Never played golf. What is a 4 ball pair?

Maybe start a new thread for this?


Good idea, mentors please

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What relevance does this have to the thread? I’m lost.

Sorry, just a play on the title. They didn’t like it…
Picking pairs they wouldn’t want to play against.

It’s rather clear from the thread what it’s about though. Just a strange thing to post in a thread that on the whole is discussing reviews of wine people didn’t like.


I don’t think a thread with that title would lead to anything other than inflammatory comments so probably not a great idea . I appreciate there’s been some thread drift here though so to bring it back on track a bit …. I’ll pose a question.

Anytime I open a red wine with a fair bit of age Mr. Leah just doesn’t seem to enjoy it . Wines that I think are great and with lovely tertiary development he just doesn’t seem to “get” .
I recently opened a 2008 tenuta san guido Guidalberto , the second wine of Sassicaia.
He really wasn’t impressed .
Does anyone else feel this way about aged wine ??


Yes. Mrs C.


Yes: Madame Herbster. Anything showing any sign of bottle age is ‘fusty’, and the rest of her glass goes straight into mine.

It’s led her to think that she only likes cheap dirty wine, which I know isn’t necessarily true - it’s just that the posh stuff I open tends to be older and therefore more developed. This week’s Pauillac is a case in point. But on the occasions that I’ve opened something rather special when it’s still young, she’s loved it. (I still remember her reaction to the Kooyong Haven!)

I think she just likes her wines on the fruit, as they say.


Also Mrs A - though to be fair she’ll pick a gin cocktail or something sparkling if possible anyway.


And Mrs R.


To expand a little, I think my wife’s feelings are very much like those of Mrs @Herbster , but she’s possibly also prejudiced by some older wines we had years ago, which might have been past their best, and which probably hadn’t been stored very well.


Really interesting! The 2011 Paullic didn’t blow Mr. Leah away either … I have some Vieux Telegraph Cdnp from 2007 which I’ll open when he’s back to see what he thinks … I think he just likes some fruit and quite likes a wine like many of the wives here still showing some fruit .
I feel part of the problem can be when I think a wines not quite ready and will get better and he thinks it’s great the way it is …. Point in case 2015 Warwick estate trilogy .
Guess we will just have to open 2 bottles :joy::joy:


There’s a seeming bell curve to how our tastes usually part ways - I feel it’s at about 15 years. After that, I think the wines lack ‘freshness’ for my other half, although she does drink a far larger volume of supermarket wines with her ‘friends’ (what kind of friend would do that to you anyway?), and so tertiary flavours are not really on her wavelength.

Having said tha, we had a bottle of '86 Lynch Bages at 30, and I thought it bad for all those reasons - lacked feshness, tannins had won against the fruit (and I thought the oak regime made it taste like a dirty ashtray) etc etc. She loved it. So I have no idea what the bar or parameters are. Just keep opening bottles and see, I guess? :man_shrugging:


As do many of the French…who often drink them a lot younger than us. Arguments both ways. As has been discussed before, many wines are charming in youth and maturity, but close up in the middle.


No I didn’t but if you did contact member services and I’m sure they will sort it because the price changed during the day of release.

May I ask what is the relevance of this comment here?


If you go onto his profile you can mute all. Stops the self aggrandising and thread drift.

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Thanks for the suggestion but I’ve never done that. I would rather see and read everyone’s views, it would be just preferable that posts actually related to the thread. We always have random thread drift but that drift usually comes off the back of a post that was related to the topic.


Yep, my wife also. She’s in heaven with a high quality new world wine that has plenty of sweet fruit.
Recent wines like Merite Malbec, Bleasdale Frank Potts and Colomé Malbec are her ideal reds. Last nights Hentley Farm Von Kasper 09, even though it was well aged, had an abundance of fruit so that was bliss for her. Maybe some other people’s idea of wine hell?
Every time I open something French the response is either “I can tell it’s French but it’s not too fusty/feety so it’s ok” or “nope, smells too much like feet. Can’t drink”
Any hint of Brett can’t be tolerated in this household either so no Ch. Musar purchases since about the 07 vintage. Some Bandol and Crozes’ have recently gone down like a lead balloon and required quickly grabbed backups.