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They DID like it

The 2019 is currently stocked by Butlers…

Agree it’s a lovely example! :+1:


The problem I have at the moment is I’m overloaded with wine that needs to be drunk within the next four or five years, the consequence of which is that I’m drinking too many wines late that should be drunk early. So I currently have a moratorium on buying any such wines… Strictly enforced! :rofl:

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If you are looking for volunteers I am available.


If you swallow your pride and reach out in your time of need you might be surprised how much help will be offered!


Anyone who wants to travel up to my home north of Inverness will be very welcome to share some of my wine with me! :rofl:


Filed for future reference!


Just checking the trains now :rofl: :rofl:


I always love a chance to get to the north of Scotland. Just as long as it’s not midgie intensive, I’m golden :grin:


Some really mixed reviews for this one but here’s a really glowing one, reflecting the mixed showing of this batch.

Mr David Brown

“I feared the worst after reading about the cork issues and poor performance of the wine, I was quite glad I only purchased 2 bottles. I let it rest a few days and, with a deep sense of trepidation, started opening it last night. No cork issue, came out easily and in one piece. Immediately felt better. I poured a small amount into two glasses, left them in the living room to breathe whilst continuing with the cooking. When I popped my head round the door 10 minutes later the room was soaked in a heady, stewed fruits aroma. I knew then I should have bought more. The nose was deep and sensuous, really drew you in and made you almost not want to drink the wine, just spend the evening luxuriating in its perfume, a bit like really great Burgundy. On the palate it was smooth with a slight tannic crunch at the end. The fruit was vital, the acidity refreshing, the length tremendous. You would not have thought this was 50 years old, it felt like a teenager. Over the next few hours it picked up some complexity and the aroma just kept on coming. I was happily dazzled. Possibly enough to buy more bottles.”


Shouting from the rooftops about this one!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Some great reviews on this one, plus the great comment about Eastern European wines.

I have a bottle so that’s my Friday night plans sorted


I bought a case of the '17 a couple of years ago. It dissapeared embarrasingly quickly.